Thursday, October 27, 2011

Feeling "Cocky"?

Finally! I have broken away from the four walls of the school for a photo shoot. So I decided for the totally original, completely never duplicated train tracks ;) Technically, I'm pretty sure the tracks are on school property but beggars can't be choosers. I know everyone and their mother takes train track photos, but I really did love the pictures and I am having a tough time choosing which ones to include in the blog.

Today's outfit was another example of summer to fall layering. I added a scarf and a sweater to a summery maxi dress, and I completed the outfit with my black riding boots. But the crowning glory was this baby...

Yep, peacock feathers. Lots of 'em. In my hair. My beautiful, curly hair. How stunning is that?! It was definitely an attention-getter. I mean it can't be ignored. I felt so unbelievably elegant.

 Tonight I had to go to an awards banquet after school, so I changed into a little black dress and silver pumps, and the peacock feathers just made the outfits today! Not sure if the BFF is going to get it back anytime soon!

Major Concentration, here!

  P.S. Tomorrow is Friday! Woo hoo!!


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Beautiful! Those feathers are amazing! Where did u get them? I'm with you, these shots are stunning!

sarallen said...

I am amazed at your daily dedication at posting! I barely have time to keep up with it, so I have no idea how you have time to take pics and post it! Mad props! (it's still hip to say that, right? wait, is it still hip to say hip?) I love the maxi dress...such beautiful colors together!

Callie said...

@Nina, she got the feather from me, and because I love her, she gets to keep it! I can always make another :].

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