Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Looking Good is "Autumn-matic"

And just when you think, "Surely Katie can't come up with another pun-filled blog title..."

Autumn in the South is a fickle time. You never really know when it's safe to do the whole wardrobe switch-a-roo. One day you may find frost on your windshield, and then the next day, you're sweating in shorts and a tank top. You pack up all your tank tops with the first chill in the air, only to dig them out three weeks later when the highs are back in the 80s. Make up your mind!

This week is one of those schizophrenic weather weeks. Cool in the morning, hot in the afternoon- effective layering is essential in these situations.

I've had this cotton sundress (from Old Navy, naturally) for three years now- it's a summertime staple with gold sandals, long necklace, and a tan, but clearly it transitions beautifully into autumn and cooler months.

I used to be really afraid of layering, but it is so, so simple. Think of it like a math equation.

Summer dress + sweater/jacket/blazer + belt + scarf =

Throw in some fall accessories to polish off your look, and you're done. As you know, I'm a huge fan of gold and bronze jewelry, and anything owl-themed- so those are my go-to pieces! But truly, anything would work!

Another helpful tip: Lots of summer dresses are low-cut, not always a buxom teacher's best fashion choice, so that's where the scarf come in handy. This beautiful, fall-paletted scarf doubles as an extra layer of protection between "the girls" and the eyes of the world.  I am wearing it "Waterfall Style" and I could tell you how to do it, but then you wouldn't get the pleasure of watching Wendy from Wendy's Lookbook walk you through 25 different scarf styles in one of the most beautiful and fun tutorials ever. Of course, Wendy is beautiful and fun, so it doesn't hurt.  I watch this particular video at least once a week, and can't recommend it enough!

Really, I adore this outfit. It may be one of my all-time favorites. The only thing that flopped were the tights. I though they were so incredible. Subtly floral, super cute, but it just didn't work with the outfit.  All day, students and teachers alike asked, "What's wrong with your legs?" What was supposed to be beautiful, blooming red flowers were apparently being mistaken for horrible bruises. In every single class I fought the urge to take off my boots and show them the whole leg (in hindsight I think the whole leg is necessary to get the right effect). I wasn't going to give up on the tights, and I was preparing for the next outfit I would wear them with, but alas the fashion gods had another idea. As soon as I sat down in my car, the tights started running. Both sides simultaneously. And not little runs, but big, very top to very bottom runs. Like they couldn't wait to get off of me!! :P

I thought about naming today's blog "Every Rose has Its Thorn, Just Like Every 'Tight' has Its 'Run'", but I spared you- this time.


Mandy said...

That tutorial is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

sarallen said...

great idea with the scarf! it goes perfectly...and I'm not gonna lie...for a split second I thought you had a birthmark covering your legs that I had no idea about, ha. BUT, it's only b/c it's a small amount of your legs that I can see :) I'd have to say this is one of MY all time favorite outfits, and I don't even own it!

Lauryn Brook said...

I love this outfit! It's absolutely fabulous! The colors look amazing on you! Now I'm off to find some bronze owl jewelry! ;)

Lisa said...

I'm a huge fan of gold and bronze jewelry as well, and I love your owl-themed accessories!
Stopping by from follower fest. :)

Shannon said...

Great job layering! The colors are perfect for Fall and I love the scarf.


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