Sunday, October 30, 2011

Weekend "RAKE"- Up!

Such an awesome weekend! Saturday I went to a Mark Party hosted by Olive Photos' very own Lauryn Brook. Lauryn is one of my many cyber friends- people I don't actually know in real life, but I feel like I've known forever- and I was super excited to finally meet her. The Mark party was awesome! I haven't been to a "make- up" party in years, and now I can't wait to host my own (with LB, of course!)

The party was held at Pink Dessert Bar, a totally funky coffee/dessert shop. How awesome are these fixtures? And the food and vanilla chai tea? Delish! If you are in the Oxford area, be sure to go by and try any of their delicious drinks and desserts (and there are tons!!)

I was really glad I brought my camera for an impromptu photo shoot. Technically I wore this same outfit Thursday night to my awards ceremony, but since I didn't photograph it, I think it's safe to include it here! I cannot get enough of this peacock feather from the BFF at Polka Dot Pancake. Or the Deena and Ozzy Infinity scarf I picked up at Urban Outfitters last weekend (totally going back to get it in EVERY other color, and it's not on-line at UO for some reason or I would link it for you. It's an amazing scarf!)
Dress~ Old Navy
Tights~ Banana Republic
Shoes~ Target
Scarf~ Urban Outfitters
Peacock Feather~ Polka Dot Pancake

Here's the lovely and talented Lauryn Brook!

And here's my sister and eternally patient photographer Desiree!

Sunday morning the hubs and I got up, got dressed and headed outdoors for a quick photo shoot.

Sneaking into the neighbor's yard:

Can we just "ooh" and "aah" over the lace insets in this tunic top! Some kind of awesome!

Since we haven't raked yet, hence the "RAKE Up" blog title, we played around with some leaf photos!

Seriously, I'd be in skinny jeans every day if I had my choice! They are so comfortable and chic, and can be flattering on any body type. If you've been avoiding skinny jeans because of some imagined body flaw, do us all a favor and go buy yourself a pair (or ten).

Jeans~ Old Navy
Ballet Flats~ Old Navy
Top~ New York and Co.
Necklace~ Kohl's


Cindy Swanson said...

Hi Katie! I've got to tell you that I checked out the scarf-tying tutorial and you're right, it blew me away! I'm now subscribed to Wendy's Lookbook. I had never heard of her before.

You are GORGEOUS, girl! And your hair is absolutely beautiful!

Cindy @ Notes in the Key of Life

Nina@MommaGoRound said...

Google is being lame....sorry for the weird format comment

Can we talk about those tights and how amazing they are? I've totally always been afraid of patterned tights thinking that they would make my legs look fatter. Nay Nay (if you know that commedian, you are the coolest! If not it's John Pinette and you must look him up.)

P.S. I agree with Cindy, AMAZING hair! Tutorial please :)

Katie said...

Cindy- So glad you enjoyed the scarf tutorial! And thank you for the compliments :)

Nina- I think patterned tights are the best! I just struggle to find some that don't make me feel like a sausage casing! So uncomfortable :/ Maybe I should create a hip, plus size tights line? I mean I would love XLs in all the beautiful patterns and colors!

And a hair tutorial, huh? Seriously I have a love/hate relationship with my hair- love it when it's fixed, hate fixing it! A tutorial would be hilarious because I am so haphazard!

Lauryn Brook said...

Hey hey hey! That's me! I'm LOVING that photo! Stealing for my blog and FB! <3 We look fabulous! Thank you so much for coming to the party! I had such a great time with you and Desiree! I can't wait for the next one!

I am in love with your leaf playing outfit! You make casual look so cute! <3

Katie said...

LB- I had a great time too! Thanks for inviting us! And steal away!

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