Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A "WHITER" Shade of Pale

Has winter finally arrived in my corner of the world? It appears today that it has, but we know that weather is a fickle mistress and things can change so quickly. However, my sinuses, say otherwise- I am so sick! So sick I bought a neti pot... If you aren't familiar, I'll spare you the gory details; it's not for the weak-stomached.

Some people think that being a teacher is the career version of a walk in the park. At some point they have gotten this crazy idea that teachers work a leisurely 8:00 A.M- 3:00 P.M., no nights, no weekends, three months off in the summer. And while my intention with this blog was not to defend my job, it works as a great illustration. I tried to make a doctor's appointment for this afternoon, and the LATEST available appointment (for any day) is 2:30. What?! I've heard of "banker's hours", but not at a doctor's office.  It frustrated me to no end.

So here I sit, suffering in silence because it hurts to much to talk and complain ;)  Any home remedies for a terribly sore throat?

On a plus side I really loved today's outfit. I usually gravitate towards black and gray, but today with this winter weather I decided to go with different shades of white and brown. I always love when my students compliment me (makes me feel young and hip) and I got several compliments today.

Christmas is right around the corner, and as you know I am doing a ton of giveaways, so if you haven't already entered be sure to follow the links below and enter the current contests and check back every day for another exciting giveaway!
Dress, boots, and tights~ Old Navy
Sweater~ Motherhood
Belt~ New York and Co.
Feather Headband~ Polka Dot Pancake





Ariana said...

Omigosh I absolutely SWEAR by my neti pot! My voice coach back in high school introduced me to it to clear out my sinuses and help with vocal clarity - nowadays I use it whenever I start feeling a little stuffy or phlegmy and it always works like a charm :)

My sore throat remedy: Tea with honey, lemon, and a splash of cognac to open the sinuses - grandma recommended, Ariana approved! Just don't drink too much of it before work ;) lol!

Alicia said...

Hope you feel better today! I need to get a neti pot and try it. The doctor yesterday stressed antihistamines at the first sign of the sinus congestion but I take Claritin daily and it helps but doesn't completely prevent it. She prescribed some antibiotics for me. Anyway, I hope you can get in with a doctor or find a remedy that helps. Maybe talk to the pharmacist? Sometimes they can recommend over the counter meds that really help.

Melaina25 said...

I love the white but Blondie Boy would have be mucky in seconds if I tried it! Hot water with lemon and honey for your throat and REST! Feel better and thanks for linking up! Be sure to grab the badge so others can join in :)

Eileen Anderson said...

I just started my position as school librarian for a K-12 school! It is NO walk in the park. I run around like crazy and even when I take lunch I still feel like I have to hurry up and eat so I can get back to work! So I know how you feel. I also got complimented today by a 6th grader who couldn't be bothered with anything I had to say, but loved my sweater! It is great to get complimented by students!! Hope you feel better!

Tameka Stephens said...

ok, I want to know....what in the heck is a neti pot?!!!? Girl the outfit is hot!!!!!!!!!! love it

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