Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve {in Instagram}

I rarely use the Instagram App on my iPhone, but today when my camera battery went dead, I decided to try to out. I see many blogs who use Instagram successfully (Rockstar Diaries immediately comes to mind), so I guess I am trying to emulate her fun, carefree, un-posed moments.  Bear with me, please.

It's been days since I've taken any outfit pictures, because, well, I'm super lazy (can't see what happens to this blog once I'm on summer vacation.... But the other reason was, truth be told, I've pretty much been in this same once outfit. I've showered daily (more or less) and changed unmentionables, but since I've really only had to be presentable for a few hours a day- why mess up three or four outfits.

Nothing but glamour over here. Quick, on-the-sly gas station photo shoot. Classy with a capital C ;)

I discovered we needed to hit town for a few last minute gift cards, so we ate dinner at a BBQ joint, and because I'm such a great mom I bribed Sean that if he'd eat all his dinner, we'd take him to Yogurt Mountain (more on that in a minute). I was concerned that eating all his food might make him too full for dessert. But he assured me, while pulling up his t-shirt for all to see, that there was a spot "right over here" in his stomach for yogurt. As if his dashing good looks and rotten attitude weren't enough, now I know he's my kid because I always insist that dessert go to a different part of my stomach because no matter how full I am, I always have room for a little dessert!

As expected, he loved Yogurt Mountain (one of those super popular chains where you are charged by the ounce and get to pick your yogurt and toppings).  He ate all of his and insisted he had room for more. But I'm not that great of a mom!

My handsome husband has a blog, and it's way funnier than mine. Have you read it?

No more pictures!

Okay, off to sweet talk my cat in preparation for elf mischief tonight... I don't want to give too much away, but I will say it involves a bath tub, food coloring, and paintbrushes. Please don't complain of animal cruelty. This is the most attention these cats have had since Hurricane Sean blew into our lives.


mamafrost76 said...

What fun! Take pictures of the elf mischief... Love you guys and see you Sunday!

Tricia Elliott said...

We have Sweet Frog that's like Yogurt Mountain & it is scrumptious!!!!! Yes, please do post pics of the "elf mischief"!!!! See ya in 2 weeks!!! =)

Tricia Elliott said...


Feathers & Freckles said...

Merry Christmas! I see you are a fellow cat lover - we dressed our cat up as an elf last year and she held a grudge against us for weeks. It was still worth it ;)

SkippySays said...

I love your yellow earrings! And your little guy is too cute for words!

Sarah Welsch said...

merry christmas!


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