Monday, December 19, 2011

The "DIRT" on Me

Two weeks of blissful winter vacation started Friday for me, and while I intend to blog throughout this break, I have a gut feeling you will be seeing LOTS of casual outfits. I am pretty honest about my many flaws (at least I think I am), and one thing I never lie about is my extreme laziness. I'm not proud of it, I promise, but I'm also not going to deny it.

I am lazy. Super lazy. Like lie on the couch all day, surfing the web, and still will take a nap- lazy. Like wake up, eat breakfast, and then take a nap at 8 in the morning lazy. Like rarely clean or cook lazy. It's pretty pathetic. If not for the job that requires me to bathe regularly and look presentable, I'd probably be a walking disaster most of the time. I love pajamas and have NO problem spending days at a time in the same pajamas. Disgusting, I know.

I've been reading so many great blogs lately, and someone suggested I start sharing these gems with you... and I will, as long as you promise not to abandon me to read their (far superior) blogs. I truly credit Pinterest with getting me started. I would pin all these awesome outfits and hair tutorials and I didn't quite "get it". I didn't realize that it would link me back to the original source. I didn't believe there could be so many awesome blogs out there.

So I'm browsing one day and I find this beautiful photo.

 I am totally in love with the hair; the girl is adorable, so I click on the link and discover she's got an awesome blog Little Miss Momma. I was hooked. LMM is a great example of a great blog. It's really a lifestyle blog, meaning she blogs about everything -food, fashion, family, crafts, etc. She has wonderful advice for beginning bloggers, and she has a affinity for mustaches... what's not to love?

Happy Monday :)


Tricia Elliott said...

I am so glad there is someone else out there who is so much like me!!! On the weekends that Bobby works, it's usually a get up, move to the couch, surf the web, nap, eat, lounge around kind of day!!!!! Love it!!!! Love the black, red.... looking forward to seeing more casual outfits!! Enjoy your break!!

Cassie said...

I just love red and animal print! So chic! Thanks for sharing...I love Little Miss Momma too!

Orangies Attic said...

This TOTALLY made me laugh as I sit here on Day 2 in my pj's... ;)

KatieFrost said...

I should have started that blog instead!

Marissa said...

Confession: I spent the ENTIRE day Sunday in my pajamas I didn't take them off until about 10pm when I hopped in the shower and put some more pajama's on! I think I am lazy too...admission is the 1st step right?

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