Friday, December 30, 2011

"Occasion"ally Stylish: Date Night

There are times in your life that stand out in your memory-first crush, first day of high school, first date, first kiss, first heartbreak.  It's been so long since I've been on a first date, not that I'm bragging, but it's nice to be able to eat whatever I want (no salads over here!) and not have to make nervous chit chat with a perfect stranger. Seriously there are times when my husband and I just eat out in total silence because we have run out of things to say to each other. The familiarity is nice, but sometimes I miss those butterflies in my stomach. I miss primping and trying on outfits. 

My first date with my future husband. No we weren't total fashion victims! We
were attending a 70s' themed Valentine's Banquet in 1998. He was John Travolta
in Saturday Night Fever. I was a long lost Brady Bunch sister, maybe?

A reader recently revealed she was going on a first date and wanted some outfit ideas.

So I headed over to my favorite store Old Navy (natch) to put together some first date looks on the cheap. I didn't focus on purses and accessories (because, frankly, I change purses like once a year and I usually forget to wear my wedding band so I'm a little accessory challenged).

I am calling this post "Occasion"ally Stylish (because I'm all about puns) and I'd love to make it a weekly feature here on the blog in 2012. This is the first time I've done anything like this on Hems for Her, but I had SOOOOO much fun doing it, so if you like it tell me, and if you need some outfit inspiration for every day or a special occasion let me know!

First Date Perfection

I love red jeans with cream and neutral tops. The satiny tie on this tank and the pumps make this dressy, yet still very comfortable.
Rock Star Jeggings~ $34.94
Satin Tie Shoulder Tank ~ $11.99
Snakeskin Platform Pumps~ $32.94

Is there anything sweeter than this striped skirt!? Yellow, navy and gray is one of my favorite color combinations, and this is the perfect match of flirty and comfortable.
Mixed Gauge Cardigan~ $29.00
Pleated Chiffon Tie Belt Skirt $34.94
Shooties~ $19.99

What's more comfortable than a tank and cardigan with some blue jeans? Maybe some sweats, but we are on a date here! Dress it up with trouser jeans and a printed chiffon tank. Add a pop of color with a bright cardigan and pair with flats or boots or heels. Perfection!
Trouser Jeans~ $34.50
Chiffon Top~ $26.94
Cropped Cardigan ~ $22.00

This might be too sexy for some girls' first date but I love a sweater dress and this obi style belt is to-die-for. Pairing it with boots covers more leg and makes most women feel more comfortable. Still nervous? Add leggings or thick tights!
Tall Boots~ $18.99
Dolman-Sleeve Sweater Tunic~ $19.00 
Obi Belt

I want all of these outfits, but this one is my favorite! I'm wild about chiffon dresses, and the green color of this one is universally flattering. I've got it paired with this beautiful lace-sleeved top and a pair of pumps.
Chiffon Ruffle Dress $ 29.00
Lace Dolman-Sleeve Top~ $29.00
Snake-Skin Platform Pumps~ $32.94

On second thought... maybe this one is my favorite. Another chiffon dress this time paired with a coordinating cardigan for keeping warm on cool nights and a bright belt to complete the look. Love it!
Printed Chiffon Flutter-Sleeve Dress~ $39.94
Perfect Cardigan~ $24.94
Patent Leather Narrow Belt~ $12.94

The last look is another more casual style, but still dressy enough for a first date. I love cardigans and I've paired this bright turquoise one with skinny jeans and a bright scarf. Slide on a pair of flats and you are ready to make a great first impression!
V-Neck Cardigan~ $16.99
Rock Star Leggings~ $34.94 
Printed Burnout Jersey Scarf~ $14.94

So I hope you enjoyed my first edition of "Occasion"ally Stylish!
If you have any suggestions or wardrobe issues, find me on Facebook or Twitter!

Happy Dating!


Misty Tumlin Kerns said...

I LOVE the old pic of you two!! It brings me back...
Anyway, I love this idea! It gives so many different ideas for the same occasion, and is perfect for someone like me. I have such a hard time picking out anything cute to wear.

Kristin said...

I think this is a GREAT feature!!! I love the tunic, though I've never worn a belt and would DEF wear leggings with it - I'm not that brave! I like the trouser jeans with the blue top too...hmmm...time to get shopping!

Calli said...

Love the different outfits!

Marissa said...

Love this post and it's so funny because this week I went to Old Navy a re-donk-ulous amount of times because they were having an AMAZING sale and I actually picked up the green dress and red jeggings you featured!

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