Wednesday, December 21, 2011

"Reality" Keeps Falling on My Head

Lots of movies (of the "chick flick variety, of course) romanticize rain. Oh, let's run to each other in the pouring rain, confess our undying love for one another, and make out passionately while trying not to drown by accidentally inhaling the torrential downpour.

Examples include:

Need further proof? Here's a website dedicated to Romantic Rain Kisses. Still not enough? Ok, fine. Here's Part ONE of EIGHTEEN in a film montage tribute to rain kisses.

Women can't get enough of this crap. And that might be sexist, but let's face it. Men really don't find things romantic. Well, maybe having "relations" in a shower is acceptable but making out in the rain? No self-respecting man is going to gush about how he can't wait to find a woman to kiss passionately in the rain. I promise. If he says he does, run as fast as you can!

Now my husband is fairly indulging, so early in our courtship, after watching some romantic rain kiss scene, I presented my fairy tale fantasy to him (during a rainstorm, naturally). He guffawed a bit and probably rolled his eyes, but he did give me my rainy kiss. And what can I say? It was absolutely, positively, unbelievably.....

WET... and cold. And wet. And dumb. It was one of those, "Well, alrighty then. Are we finished yet?" Just one of the many times in life I've been let down when reality wasn't nearly as romantic as the movie. Now as I've gotten older, and some may say cynical or prudish, I've grown to realize the romantic movies are a crock of crap. If I wanna watch some completely unrealistic and made up, I'll waste my time and money on horror movie sequels or An Inconvenient Truth (ah, see what I did there? I made a political joke that might have been funny, what six years ago?). I just can't even deal with romantic movies anymore, and Nicholas Sparks? I'm pretty sure he's either a woman or... well, a woman. Seriously, dude?! Are you an eunuch? I bet men really hate you.

Top~ Wal-Mart
Skirt~ Mark
Belt, Tights, and Heels~ Kohl's

My main problem, besides being jealous that I'll never get to make out with Ryan Gosling, is how unrealistic romantic movies are, especially for young, impressionable girls like me 15 years ago. Have you ever been in the rain? If it's raining, I devise as many ways I as I can to stay out of the rain. I steal my husband parking spot in the driveway. I unbuckle Sean before I get out and then tell him to run for it. Heck, in college, I didn't go to class when it was raining because I didn't want to sit in wet clothes for the entire class meeting (and no, Mom, it's not because I think I'm made of sugar and might melt. Hardy har har...).

Until next time- stay dry and no kissing in the rain. You'll just end up with pneumonia!

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mamafrost76 said...

Too funny! Those "chick flicks" do ruin things for us...but I am still a dreamer and would love to have life be like those movies!

jugglingchic said...

Sooo true about movies! I love your tights!

Marissa said...

2 things:
1. Can I have your scarf
2. Can I have you tights...PLEASE :)

Funny post which makes me now question my secret wish to kiss the hubz in pouring rain much like the scene from The Notebook

KatieFrost said...

Oops, forgot to mention the scarf- Urban Outfitters $25. Way more than I'd usually spend on a scarf but I love it. I have it in a beautiful peacock green too! Swoon <3

Tights, on sale at Kohl's for $5.99. Love them!

Skip the pouring rain, the shower is much warmer ;)

KatieFrost said...

Thank you. I usually have horrible luck with tights, but I'm loving these! $5.99 at Kohl's!

SkippySays said...

I've never had a rainy kiss, but I don't really want one either...especially after your description :) That blue color of the scarf is stunning on you, and I'm obsessed with your tights!

Erin Lawley said...

I've always wondered if Nicholas Sparks wife reads his novels and laughs out loud. I would. I also tend to be more on the sarcastic side, as is my if I suggested a kiss in the rain we would probably both erupt in laughter. Also, I'm obsessed with your's the perfect shade of blue!

Feathers & Freckles said...

What a cute, unique umbrella! And I love your tights & blue scarf.

I have never really been that intrigued by the rainy kiss - although if it was with Ryan Gosling that would be another story.

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