Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm "DREAMING" of a Art-Filled Christmas {12 Days of Giveaways}

Our 12 Days of Giveaways is chugging along full steam here at Hems for Her, and I couldn't be more excited to introduce to you one of my most favorite Etsy shops, The Dreamy Giraffe Collection! The BFF Callie introduced me to Kathy Jeffords colorful and whimsical artwork over four years ago and I have been a huge fan ever since.

This is the kind of cuteness we are dealing with:

Here's what Kathy has to say about herself and her artwork:

Hi! My name is KJ (which is short for Kathy Jeffords) and the girl who didn't think she could draw is loosely based on me. Once upon a time, I didn't think I could draw. And now I'm doing art for a living, because life is wonderfully strange and sometimes doors open that we didn't even realize were there. 

I also lovelovelove to write, so most of my paintings have stories to go along with them. 

Her prints make great gifts for friends, teachers, co-workers, daughters, or yourself. In fact my purchases are pretty evenly split- I buy one for a friend, and then, I buy one for myself!

KJ is giving one Hems for Her reader a free 8.5 x 11 print (any of her $18 collection) of their choice. Good luck choosing just one! But if you are really struggling... here's my favorite!




Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A "WHITER" Shade of Pale

Has winter finally arrived in my corner of the world? It appears today that it has, but we know that weather is a fickle mistress and things can change so quickly. However, my sinuses, say otherwise- I am so sick! So sick I bought a neti pot... If you aren't familiar, I'll spare you the gory details; it's not for the weak-stomached.

Some people think that being a teacher is the career version of a walk in the park. At some point they have gotten this crazy idea that teachers work a leisurely 8:00 A.M- 3:00 P.M., no nights, no weekends, three months off in the summer. And while my intention with this blog was not to defend my job, it works as a great illustration. I tried to make a doctor's appointment for this afternoon, and the LATEST available appointment (for any day) is 2:30. What?! I've heard of "banker's hours", but not at a doctor's office.  It frustrated me to no end.

So here I sit, suffering in silence because it hurts to much to talk and complain ;)  Any home remedies for a terribly sore throat?

On a plus side I really loved today's outfit. I usually gravitate towards black and gray, but today with this winter weather I decided to go with different shades of white and brown. I always love when my students compliment me (makes me feel young and hip) and I got several compliments today.

Christmas is right around the corner, and as you know I am doing a ton of giveaways, so if you haven't already entered be sure to follow the links below and enter the current contests and check back every day for another exciting giveaway!
Dress, boots, and tights~ Old Navy
Sweater~ Motherhood
Belt~ New York and Co.
Feather Headband~ Polka Dot Pancake




Feeling "DIRTY"?? {12 Days of Giveaways}

I'm a firm believer that every REAL man needs a REAL shave kit. My husband is the manliest of men, and accordingly, he needs to shave a lot. So I decided to treat him to a true shave experience instead of the electric trimmer he had been using since high school. It started with a real razor. I remember how amazed he was at how close and smooth the shave was!

I decided to up the ante and buy him a shave kit, and the search began. It didn't take me long to realize those suckers are expensive. I turned to my friend Etsy and started my search. Almost immediately I discovered Dirty Deeds Soaps.

Dirty Deeds is a modern-day mom and pop shop specializing in handmade soaps and shave accessories. The soaps are French-milled with detergent-free bases and are perfumed with both essential oils and fragrance oils. I ended up buying my husband this shave kit and I couldn't have been more impressed.

 The beer soap smells AMAZING (and he's been using the same bar at least three times a week for nearly a year!!). The boar bristle brush and wooden soap holder and a real old-school flair to shaving. It truly makes a great gift for husbands, fathers, and groomsmen. 

But Dirty Deeds Soaps isn't just for the hirsute male in your life, they also have a full line of hand-made and hand-cut bar soaps for the entire family. Lavender soap? Check! Hazelnut Cappucino? Check! Oatmeal, Milk and Honey? Check! Wintermint? Check! Tons of aromatic creations, each one more heavenly than the next! Oh, and lipgloss! What?!
Men's Shave Set- Cigar Box

Pumpkin Ale Handmade Soap

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey Hand Soap

Loofah Juniperberry Soap

Lavender Hand Soap

I love Dirty Deeds Soap and I love my readers, so I decided to combine those loves just in time for the holidays! Dirty Deeds is giving one lucky Hems For Her reader a free five pack of their hand-made, hand-cut soap. But even if you don't win the giveaway, you are still a winner because Dirty Deeds Soaps is also going to give all Hems for Her readers a 10% discount at their Etsy store. All you have to do is enter DIRTYHEMS in the coupon code at check-out! Good Luck!



Monday, November 28, 2011

"TRAIN"ing Day

So, my sister and I decided on a recent Saturday morning to take some photos of our sons for Christmas cards. Des (my beautiful sister) takes many of my blog photos, so I feel like she is a competent and talented photographer (see here and here for further proof).  We dressed them up in coordinating outfits- corduroy pants, button-down dress shirts, seasonal sweater vests- and gave them a pep talk. Namely, be good and take pictures and we will take you to meet the REAL Santa Claus.

They immediately agreed. And complete and utter chaos ensued.
OK, sit next to each other.
Stand NEXT to each other! 

Look at us! Hands out of your hair!

Stand NEXT to each other! NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!

We decided to change tactics. "Hey, wanna go take pictures next to the REAL trains?" They agreed to be good and we all trudged down the roads- boys having a blast, moms sweating and cursing under our breath (and trying to avoid the random dead cat on the sidewalk "Hey, guys! Look at that TRAIN!").

Take Two: Railroad Tracks.  And complete and utter chaos ensued (AGAIN).

Look at US! 
Stop touching stuff!
Stand STILL!

LOOK AT US!!!!!!

Might have been good, but I chopped their heads off. Not literally, but I thought about it!

Since they weren't cooperating, Desiree agreed to take some pictures of me. As you can tell, I wasn't really in the mood .

SMILE, darn it!!

Striped Top~ Forever 21
Jeans~ Old Navy
Tank~ New York and Co.
Shoes~ New York and Co.
Jewelry~ Wal-Mart

So here's the grand reveal of the 2012 Christmas Card. A true compilation of real life for real moms!

Don't forget to enter my 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS!!!!
And check back every day for more awesome giveaways! :)

"HAIR'S" the Deal! {12 Days Of Giveaways}

I get lots of compliments and questions about my hair. And I have mentioned in this blog before about the love-hate relationship I have with my hair. It is incredibly thick and coarse and dry. I think they say the average person sheds 100 hairs a day, but I swear I shed 1,000!

Washing my hair is a real annoyance, and drying it? Don't even get me started! So I usually wash it twice a week. Some people may think that's gross. Others may be envious of the fact that I am able to go DAYS without washing my mane.

Well, I will let you in on a little secret... I am able to stretch times between washing by using Dry Shampoo.Dry shampoo is a powder that you work into your greasy roots. Then you let it sit and soak for a few minutes. Finally you brush it out and viola! Perfectly fresh hair with no washing or drying!

And my favorite dry shampoo comes from the delectable and delicious Etsy shop Doctor Sweet Tooth! I discovered Doctor Sweet Tooth about a year ago when I was searching for an affordable alternative to the expensive dry shampoos on the market. This stuff is magic!

In the spirit of the holidays, Doctor Sweet Tooth is giving away to one lucky reader one Dry Shampoo (3 ounces) and one Body Splash/Hair Perfume (2.5 ounces). How awesome is that?!?

This could be yours!
And this too!
This shop has so many yummy products- perfumes (sprays, solids, roll-ons, and dry oils), sugar scrubs, dusting powders, lotions and bath bombs. The best part? Over 90 different fragrances, and they are all amazing! Good luck trying to choose just one! Doctor Sweet Tooth is offering all Hems For Her readers a discount. All you have to do is enter the coupon code SWEETGIFT and you will receive 10 % off your entire order!

Go here to enter the Gene Ploss Family Name House Giveaway!

Friday, November 25, 2011

What's in a "NAME" {12 Days of Giveaways!}

I struggle every year with what to buy for that person who has everything or who doesn't really need anything. Gift certificates are so impersonal, especially when the person in question is my mother-in-law.  Since I am notorious for forgetting her birthday EVERY year for like six years running (including one year when I spent the entire day with her AND let her treat me to lunch and never realized it was her birthday- Still sorry about that one Sandra!), I try to redeem myself around Christmas.

My own mother is not particularly sentimental, but my mother-in-law definitely is, so last year when I was looking for original and meaningful gifts I felt like I hit the Christmas jackpot when I discovered Gene Ploss Studio At Etsy.

Gene is an internationally collected freelance illustrator and fine artist hailing from Buffalo, New York. His original artwork is available commercially and to private collectors. He creates high quality prints and focuses on graphic design, portraits, figures, still life, and landscapes.

Here are some of my favorite prints of Gene's:

What a great wedding gift!

I can't think of a sweeter baby shower gift!

Fantastic Graduation Gift!

I ended up buying my mother-in-law this awesome print!

Have you ever seen anything cuter? Well, guess what?!?! Gene is giving away one Family Name House Print to a lucky Hems For Her reader just in time for the holidays! This would make a great gifts for in-laws, grandparents, or yourself!

Entering is simple!  Good Luck!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

"RingRingRing"- Cute Jewelry Calling!

Today's outfit was missing a little something.  I liked it, but I felt like the necklace was a little overpowering.  I love really delicate jewelry, although for some reason someone somewhere decided that curvy girls shouldn't wear little, cute, delicate pieces. I'm here to disprove that!

So I started searching Etsy for some sweet jewelry, and I discovered RingRingRing. The shop's owner Angel specializes in unique rings, necklaces, earrings and ear cuffs (I'm loving the ear cuffs!)

Angel has been hand-making sterling silver jewelry from her own designs for five years and the results are beautiful! The pieces are just the right combination of feminine and tough! I love it. I have pinned several of my favorites, as well as making sure that the hubby knows which ones I really love, I mean just because I'm on the Shopping Spree Strike doesn't mean he is!

But my favorite had to be this sweet little Twitter Bird necklace. You know how I feel about birds! They are my favorite accessory. The best part is everything is so affordable. Most pieces are under $50 which means they would make great gifts for friends or yourself (or me!)

Go to RingRingRing to "heart" your own favorites or check out my favorites over at Pinterest!
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