Friday, January 13, 2012

Occasionally Stylish: Maternity Mode

Recently, my dear friend Sara revealed that she is pregnant and expecting her first bundle of joy! She also revealed in a blog comment,  "Hey, can you please be my maternity stylist? b/c these black yoga pants are the only thing I own that I can fit into, ha. :)". 
Sara has just hit the second trimester and is struggling to find her maternity style. Now, I'm no expert; I haven't been pregnant in five years! But I know from my own experience a few things that work and don't work.

Bright Color? Check!
Classic Shape? Check!
Cute Bump? Check!
Lots of Cleavage? Check!

So DON'T Works!

Yep. Those pants are up over my boobs! Gross!

 I'm not sure that anyone should EVER have seen that picture. EVER! But you know, I'm all about telling the truth over here! And the truth is sometimes maternity fashion is not pretty.  However, we've come a long way, baby!

I'm not going to write too much about Maternity Wardrobe Staples and Essentials-you can get all the basics- t-shirts, camisoles, layering tanks, stretchy pants, etc. at Target or Motherhood Maternity. And there's nothing wrong with yoga pants! Nothing at all.  I'm also a big fan of sweaters and cardigans, because you can wear them post-baby. Same thing with maternity pants. Don't pack those babies up- there's something to be said for elastic waist pants- even once your baby is four years old...

I love skinny jeans. So invest in a couple of pairs in different rinses and mix and match with cute, roomy tops!

I also LOVE my chambray dress, so I'm digging this maternity style from Old Navy. Top it with a long cardigan and a belt and you've got a great outfit, and I'm telling you, that dress will become a wardrobe go-to!!

A pair of boot-cut jeans is also essential. I personally loved full-panel jeans(like pictured below), but Old Navy has a huge selection of jeans with different rises.  Also, please avoid empire-waist tops. They are just not flattering! I don't like maternity clothes that make women look like little girls or baby dolls. You are a woman who HAD SEX and it now going to have a baby. You are probably growing and your boobs are getting big... embrace these new curves! Don't hide them!

So, I love dresses. I love these dresses. I want to buy these dresses. I'm not pregnant. They are that awesome!  Top with a denim jacket or cardigan sweater. Wear with a bright scarf and boots. Awesome!

Remember how I just said I love maternity dresses... well I've actually featured one on the blog. I didn't come right out and say it was maternity, but now that I am revealing all my secrets... here you go. It is gorgeous, and I love it.

No surprise I'm sure, but I'm also a big fan of dresses. Also don't neglect your accessories- belts, scarves, jewelry, awesome shoes. I'm going to share with you some wardrobe-building pieces, but be sure to spice it up with accessories you already own. When nothing you own fits, you'll be happy you have so many awesome shoes, unless you are one of those gals who's feet expand during pregnancy. Then you'll be really happy you have lots of pretty necklaces.

Maternity clothes are so stylish now, and Kohl's and Motherhood both have HUGE plus-size selections. There's no reason to feel frumpy as you expand your family.

So what's next for Occasionally Stylish?! What occasion do you need help styling?


Marissa said...

How about a post on what's Ok to wear on casual Fridays at work and what you shouldn't wear...I can't tell you how many times I see co-workers wearing clothes that are really inappropriate on Fridays just because it is deemed 'Casual Friday'.

Maggie Hall said...

love this post! I also posted a while ago about this sort of thing and how wonderful maternity/non maternity clothes are that "go the distance" from belly to no belly and nursing to not. it's here:
ALSO- for an occassionally stylish or just "for the love of everything holy, help me" post: I have been graciously asked to be ma(tron) of honor in a late October wedding. In Canada. And the bride wants each bridesmaid (three of us) to pick our dress. her requirements include vintage, pastel or floral and looks good with killer heels. Ugh. Any ideas fashion foward people?

sara! said...

thanks so much for the awesome and stylish shoutout! and I just can't get over that picture!! impressed with your complete boldness to post it on the internet! :) I am going to get online and order some of those items soon!

Katie said...

I am a brave girl! One of the most awkward pictures ever!

Sheree said...

I confess, I lost all the baby weight yet still hang on to a maternity top or two and a maternity dress that I adore and still wear. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

Williamayden said...

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