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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Say Hello to My Little Friend: Feathers & Freckles

Over the holidays I was able to do so much- I read a ton of books; I napped a lot; I shopped; I ate too much and drank too much; I watched a ton of television; played tons of Words and Hanging with Friends, and I read blogs until I was bleary-eyed. As much as I love my own blog, I equally love reading other blogs and discover new "friends". After stumbling upon Feathers & Freckles, I was immediately smitten with Megan. She is so cute and likable and her warmth and kindness really shine in her writing and photos. I felt like I had known her forever as I read through her blog, and I knew I HAD to share her fresh and funny take on life and fashion with you. It is my pleasure to introduce Megan!

Hi there! I'm Megan from Feathers & Freckles, a redhead who blogs about fashion but doesn't obsess over it. (I'd rather obsess over my cat, Swedish Fish and Emma Stone).

Since I live off of a small paycheck, I typically turn to thrifting for rounding out my wardrobe. Sifting through other people's donated crap can be both depressing and frustrating but also incredibly rewarding. It requires a lot of patience, a high tolerance for bad odors, and a personal stash of hand sanitizer. (Optional: earplugs, plastic gloves and pepper spray).

Over the past year I've thrifted a lot of skirts - and I've had a few regrets, like passing up this gem. Below are some of my favorites:

42:58 proportionpicnikfile_EAkgGV
Since talking about fashion would put me to sleep, I generally write about my life - past and present - be it my adventures taking photos of myself, my love for monkey shoes, or my bad history with children.

Hop on over any time and say hello!


Marissa said...

Hi Megan! Can't wait to check out your blog! :)

Feathers & Freckles said...

Thanks again for the sweet intro :) Also, this new layout is awesome!! It looks wonderful.

Sincerely Sammie said...

Adorable! Love all of those skirts! Cute blog title, too.

Katie said...

Thank you for guest posting for me! You are the BEST!

And I am loving the new layout too! Aren't those little hangers the cutest things ever!

Katie said...

Thanks, Sammie! I need to get a hold of you next for a guest post!

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