Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday: My Mother

I wanted to be really facetious today with Thankful Thursday, and thank my local meteorologists for not making it perfectly clear that it was going to be windy and freezing today.  I mean, I'm sure they said it, but I really needed them to tap on the TV screen and say, "Hey, Katie! Wear some tights and some long sleeves or you are going to freeze your butt off this afternoon." Yep, that didn't happen!

But this is not supposed to be a facetious series. This is supposed to be sincere.I am struggling a little bit because I have SO many people to thank that I don't know who to choose. I don't want anyone to feel slighted or overlooked. Tough decisions. Today I sincerely thank my mother.

Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for being such a great mom. I feel really lucky (And I'm not just saying that because you are watching my son this weekend... although it definitely doesn't hurt. So if you wanna make the thank you list then you know how to butter me up!)  You are a great mom, but you are an incredible grandmother. You do so  much for Sean; I could never repay you- either literally or figuratively. You are awesome! I am sorry for that time when I back talked you about brushing my teeth way back in elementary school, and now I appreciate that you made me every day because nice teeth are important. I'm also sorry that time I got mad at you after my college graduation and I ripped up all those car payments checks you gave me. That was really dumb.

I completely understand why you never put batteries in some of our toys. Those suckers are noisy! Thank you for bathing me and cleaning up after me not only as a child, but also after I had Sean. That was one of the most humbling and helpless moments of my adult life, and if I ever need to return the favor, I totally will. Thank you for buying me a book or magazine EVERY SINGLE TIME we went shopping, even though I admit I was mad when you wouldn't let me read at the dinner table.  You are the best mom I could ever ask for. Hope someone shows you how to get to this website because otherwise you'll never find this post!

Thank you. I love you!


Richie Clements said...

That was so nice Katie. I'll email her the link so she can read your article of praise and thanks. RC

Marissa said...

Moms rock! I hope yours finds this and reads it :)

Porcelain Complexion said...

I hope she has a chance to read this. I think we all need to take time to say thank you to our Mum's, they're one of a kind.

Love this look, the layering & colours piece together so well <3

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