Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fall Must Haves, Part Two

Last week I showed you some of the Fall Must Haves I previewed at the Belk Fall Fashion Tour. I've already started shopping from the list. Usually I shop without purpose, just picking things that I think are cute. I like lists and organizing (although my husband would tell you otherwise!) and I am really going to work harder in the fall re-mixing what I have, and I am going to focus on separates more than dresses. I mean don't hold me to that in November when I am wearing another dress and cardigan combo! I'm going to try! Here are the other Fall Must Haves!

1. New Shape Sweaters- Dolman sleeves and boxy cuts are still going to be big for sweaters. Look for draping necklines, wide sleeves and asymmetric hems. My sweater collection had been lacking, but I did hit Eloquii up at the end of winter and got a few sweaters I am excited to wear should I ever see cooler weather! If you have limited yourself to plain pull-over sweaters, step out a little this season with something new and unexpected (Old Navy always has a great selection of inexpensive and trendy sweaters!). 
6. New Shape Sweater- Get ready to embrace some of the season’s sharpest silhouettes. Pullover knits in boxy shapes with dolman sleeves, metallic yarns and elegant openwork head the list of winning updates that will give your wardrobe the wow factor! @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

2. Cross Body Handbags- Yes! I bough one of these babies last year at Kohl's and I loved it! I am thrilled that this small, utilitarian handbags will still be in style. They are great for everyday use, and once you've tried a cross-body style you'll understand why! They are cute and functional. I love them for travel or all-day shopping because they are light, they keep both your hands free, and they keep your valuables close to you. I have a basic camel-colored cross body bag, so I will  be looking for one in a beautiful jewel tone for this fall!

11. Cross-Body Handbag- Bold hues, butter-soft leathers and tri-color treatments will have you going hands free from workplace to weekend. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

3. Glitz before Six- I have to admit, I am most excited about this trend. Bring out the shimmer, glimmer, and sequins for day wear, not just after dark! Naturally you will be using small doses of "glitz", but a little goes a long way to added both texture and interest to your daily work wear. I have a subtly sequined top in a variety of gold shades that I will be able to layer, but I will absolutely be looking for other pieces to add to my collection. Maybe a sparkly blouse or loafers?

7. Glitzy Top- Embrace a shot of shimmer and sophisticated style becomes yours. Fall is a treasure trove of metallic’s, beads, sequins and sparkle. Add the oomph and keep the other elements in your look low key. Yes, just a taste of tantalizing texture is all it takes. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

4. Metal Collars/Bib Necklaces- Statement Necklaces aren't going anywhere, but the shape is definitely changing. Bib and Collar necklaces in varying shades of metal will be big for fall. I found a great variety online at Forever 21, but I hesitated to buy one. I will have to try one on in person. I am a little unsure of this particular trend on me personally, but I am certainly willing to try!

9. Metal Collar- This statement neck is no doubt one of fall’s most fabulous fashion finds. Gold finishes are a must. Exploring interesting shapes and innovative textures are a sensational way to make you look unique. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

5. Big, Chunky Watches- Over-sized, menswear-inspired wrist watches are going to be the guest of honor at the arm party this year, so even if you are having a party of one, make it this signature piece. Like the cross body handbag, chunky watches are the perfect mix of form and function. The most stylish pieces will be forged from warm rose gold, and I am on the lookout for an inexpensive version to add to my jewelry box (if you find some, let me know!). 

Go glam with a stylish time piece that will add a fab finishing touch to any look. Rose gold, steel or two-tone finishes raise the bar on luxury. Show time! @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

6. Boots and Booties- Shine up all those boots and booties you bought last fall because they are right back on your feet for this fall! Last year I think I bought nearly every boot Old Navy offered. Equestrian inspired flat riding boots will still be big, and so will boots of every heel size and height. Booties will still be paired with everything from pants to skirts. I may venture into some higher heeled boots this fall, but standing all day is an important factor of my shoe-buying process!

12. Boots & Booties- Watch your step! Whether you are pounding the pavement or enjoying a rural retreat, these shoes are the season’s front runner. From the glam bootie to the fail safe knee high, new heel treatments and innovative materials gather ringside for knock out style. @Belk

So there you have it! These are the twelve things the "experts" say will be must fashionable for this upcoming fall season. Are you ready to go shopping yet? What will you be adding to your closet?

Monday, July 30, 2012

A Gold Medal for Patriotic Dressing

So here's what this previous weekend looked like- me in various stages of pajama wear, watching the Olympics. Curtis finally convinced me to get dressed and venture out for a quick trip to get dinner. Otherwise, the photos wouldn't have happened today in the blog. It would be just a big ol' blank screen.

Yeah, that's terror on my face. There was a menacing crow nearby, cawing at me.

Any year you get to don the red, white and blue for a second time in one summer is a good year! Am I right? I wore this dress back for the 4th of July paired with a simpler and subtler navy tank, but this time I decided to go all out with a bright blue slub-knit tee.

Top- New York and Co. Skirt- Old Navy Sandals- Wal-Mart

One day I will wear it in a non-patriotic way, but for this week I am going all out in support of America- I have watched every televised event on NBC- swimming, rowing, skeet shooting, synchronized diving, gymnastics (my favorite!), beach volleyball. And I may or may not spend a lot of time chanting "USA! USA! USA!". Oh, and crying, lots of crying. All the inspiring stories and the emotions of the athletes get to me. I cry when someone wins, I cry when someone loses. It's pretty ugly!

In case you missed it over the weekend, I was a guest blogger for J's Everyday Fashion while she's in Africa. It was very exciting to get the opportunity and if you are visiting from J's, I welcome you and thank you! As for the rest of you, you rock! Duh!

I salute you!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fall Must Haves, Part One

Last week I was excited to attend the Fall Fashion Tour at my local Belk department store (well, I was mostly nervous to attend because I didn't want to make a fool of myself). It was hosted by Arlene Goldstein, Belk's vice president of trend merchandising and self-proclaimed "fashion forecaster". Growing up I devoured the September issue of Seventeen magazine, so I've always been interested in fashion, especially fall fashion. It was twice as big as other issues and was full of back-to-school looks.

I guess I've never really grown out of that. As a teacher I feel like my new year begins when school starts back, and just like when I was a teenager, I always daydream about the cool and pretty new things I need to buy! So here's the low down on what you need in your closet for those crisp fall months coming up (so ready!)!

1. Blazers- Hey remember all those awesome blazers most of you already own? Well, don't pack them up yet, because they are still going to be hot for fall. Good investment, ladies! Guess it's time to get my own!

All the cool labels agree. The jacket is back and better than ever. It is THE “of the moment” completer piece to love for seasons to come. This classic looks newest when shaped to perfection to contour your curves. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

2. Ankle Pants- I know, I know, you are thinking "What? In the fall?" Look, I'm not the fashion forecaster, but I do know that my falls and winters are mild enough to wear ankle pants, especially if you spend most of your time indoors. This is another item you may still have in your closet from spring and early summer wear.

Pinned Image

3. Bright Colors- As you can tell from the above photo, bright and vibrant colors are still going to be popular in the fall. This is weird for me because I always think "Fall Colors", you know? Brown, red, orange, etc. To be bright colors are a spring and summer thing, so it's going to be weird getting used to  this, but I'm going to do it because I've got tons of color in the closet right ow!

1. Bold Color- It’s no surprise that vibrant hues are at the top of the “Hot List” for fall. Color clashing, color blocking, color banding—yes, stay bright on trend! @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

4. Beautiful Blouses- The fall is going to see lots of super feminine details- lace especially-  on your blouses. I love a good classic lady-like style, so I am excited. If you are a fan of The Great Gatsby and excited about the upcoming movie, then you will love this trend!

4. Beautiful Blouse- This is sophisticated lady chic at its best. This fem top never loses its allure. Get creative. Pair it with jeans or partner it perfectly with a slim skirt. The blouse beckons for your attention. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz

5. The Shift Dress- I never knew the real difference between a SHIFT and a SHEATH dress. Do you?
Well, a sheath dress is cut closer to the body, going along the natural curves of a woman, while a shift dress  hangs straight from the shoulder, no hugging, no contouring (therefore much more flattering to all body types). I know I need to check all of my dresses to see if they are shifts or sheaths, but I'd also be willing to go ahead and buy this beautiful yellow number. Totally mod, right?

8. Shift Dress- Simple, sleek and chic, this frock will feel so right. Intense colors, leather trims and luxe fabrics are the fuss-free way to say, “Hello,” to one of autumn’s most important items. @Belk @Belkfashionbuzz 

6. Pencil Skirt- Are you as happy to hear this essential is still hanging around?! I sure was. Hey, I've got tons of pencil skirts. Woo hoo! Details like lace and peplums will still be right on target for fall fashion, so if you've been holding out on the peplums (ahem, Katie...) then you still have time to hop on board!

5. Pencil Skirt- Play it straight. For effortless cool, say, “Yes,” to this timeless skirt silhouette. Hitting at or around the knee, the pencil is sure to be figure flattering and one of your all-time favorites. @belk @belkfashionbuzz

There are six other fashion must haves for fall but I didn't want to overwhelm you with too much information at one time. Plus I really hate post that are full of random pictures and none of the blogger, so if you are like that I really apologize; however, I thought most of you would be interested in shopping your closet to see what you already for to be a knockout this fall!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A New Look!

Sometimes you just feel better when you freshen things up a bit, right? A new pedicure for example or a new haircut or a new outfit. A little mini-makeover makes everything fun and exciting! Kristen at Simply Klassic Home and Simply Klassic Blog Design (the great gal who created my original blog layout ) has been hard at work dealing with me and my indecision. She is wonderful, and I truly can't recommend her enough if you need anything bloggy done!

You may noticed a few changes here on Hems with Her (or you may not, so I am glad I am telling you about said changes so you will notice them!). I've got a new, sleeker header and a new pun-tastic tag line. Ooooh. Aaaaah. Thank you, thank you.

You may also notice I've got some new tabs. My old tabs weren't as functional as I wanted them to be, so I am working on re-organizing my posts to make them easier to search through and to give them cute names. Which one do you think I thought was more important?

This is how most of my photo shoots with Sean in attendance seem to go!

The Curvy Closet will house general plus-size fashion posts, like my Occasionally Stylish Series and posts like the one about bras or tomorrow's post on fall fashion! Under Dress Your Curves you will find my daily outfit posts. And finally under the Curves with Confidence tab, you will find the post that deal with body issues and matters of confidence and self-esteem. These posts may include outfits, but many of my more serious pieces will be under this tab. I tend to write a lot about these issues,l so I wanted them housed together. These tabs aren't quite functional yet, but they should be up and running by Friday morning!

He said he was pretending to be a crab... I didn't ask!

Finally you may notice that my skirt is blindingly white in today's photos... huh, guess my white balance was off or something!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday: "Some Nights"

"Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle/ Some nights I wish they'd just fall off"- Fun. "Some Nights"

So I couldn't decide in this blog if I wanted to talk about when I say stupid things (which happens way more often than it should) or if I wanted to talk about a night in the life of me. Stupid things won out, as usual. I am literally the queen of sticking my foot in my mouth.

Dress- Old Navy (similar) Sandals- Sonoma Life + Style for Kohl's
Belt- New York and Co. (similar)

I am not intentionally insensitive- I honestly think my mouth moves faster than my brain. This results in me spending a lot of time wishing I could just learn to keep my mouth shut, or that my lips would just fall off.

Sometimes they are funny, "That's what she said" moments. Like the time I told a class, while describe the hamburger method of paragraphing writing (you don't want to know), that their paragraph should get meatier as they go down it. Not funny you say? Say it out loud to thirty tenth graders, they will get it.

Sometimes my jaws getting to flapping and I say things that are totally inappropriate for the situation. Like the time I visited a friend whose father was dying and said to her, "I felt so sick to my stomach that I wanted to die." Really, Katie? Really?! Man, did I apologize for that!

The moral of the story is that I need to listen more and talk less, I think. Or think before I speak. Or lock up my lips and throw away the keys.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pearls of Wisdom

See these pearls I'm wearing? Curtis bought them for me way back when we were just high school sweethearts. I grew up poor, so for me the epitome of wealth and class was an elegant strand of pearls. I remember wanting a pearl necklace so badly, and for Easter of 1999 Curtis presented me with my own set fresh from a K-Mart jewelry sale.

I was so proud of those babies, wearing them for only the most special of occasions- graduation, weddings, funerals, and so on. Pearls were fancy; they were not for everyday wear. Now I don't even know if pearls are considered stylish. I hope they are considered classic or wardrobe staples at the very least. Anytime I wear them I feel just a tad bit more elegant.

Dress- Chaps for Kohl's (similarHeels- Forever 21

Even if they are just my K-Mart pearls!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Color Clashing: Red and Turquoise

Thank you all so much for the amazing feedback with yesterday's post. I cannot even begin to express in words how rewarding and fulfilling it is to write and feel like you are impacting people and making a real difference. When I started blogging last October, I vowed to my husband that this blog was going to be a "big deal". I could just tell it was going to change my life, and it truly has. And I thank you all for reading and commenting and encouraging.

Wednesday morning I had the opportunity to attend the Fall Fashion Tour at my local Belk department store. This was  my first blogger event, and I was super nervous. Luckily, the kind and beautiful Erica of Erica B's D.I.Y. Style (You must go check out her blog. She makes her own clothes and they are stunning pieces!) offered to show my the ropes. It's always nerve-wracking to do something new, at least for me, so I was thankful to have a friendly face!

I will be blogging more about the actual Fall Fashion Tour next week, including the "Ten Must-Haves" for fall, but I think you will be pleased to know that many of the things we are wearing right now will still be hot in the fall, including peplums, color blocking, and snakeskin prints! I decided to go with color blocking , and I was quite pleased to be so "on point" with my fashion decision ;)

I love this Kiyonna Harlow Faux Wrap Dress. I last blogged it back in November and it was much cooler. I was really worried that the three-quarter length sleeves and the fully-lined jersey fabric would be too hot for the middle of July, but I was quite comfortable. On my way out of the store a perfume counter worker stopped me to say I was wearing her favorite color combination, and I have to agree with her. I love the combination of red and turquoise. It's so cheerful!
Dress- c/o Kiyonna Necklace- New York and Co. Camera Bag- Jo Totes Heels- XAppeal

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Curves, Confidence and Criticism

By this time in the week, most of you have already heard about or read the backlash towards a post on a self-proclaimed "pro-skinny" website about Kate Upton being "well-marbled", a.k.a. too fat to be a fashion model. I will not mention the website's name or link to the post because I refuse to advertise for such hate. The blogger in charge of the website is a self-proclaimed former model working in the fashion industry, and while she rarely posts, when she does it's full of hate. While she claims her site is not a pro-ana site (websites encouraging and offering tips on living with anorexia), she admits she did take down her featured "Starving Tip of the Day" because of questionable tips being shared. A quick scan of the community forum shows women writing about their periods disappearing from weight loss (amenorrhoea) and how to avoid saggy skin to maintain the much desired "super skinny" figure. I will leave you to make up your own minds.

Apparently her main beef (ha!) is that society as a whole mistreats skinny women and verbally abuses them while fat women are embraced and exonerated. According to the blogger, we will often tell a skinny girl that she is "too thin and needs to eat a cheeseburger", but we never tell fat women that they are "too fat and shouldn't eat anything." Now this may be hard to believe, but once upon a time I was a skinny girl- my step father used to call me Toothpick in fact. Did it hurt my feelings and my self-esteem? Sure, okay. I remember during my toothpick days getting sent home from school because my shorts were too short. I remember my mother fuming that if I was fat no one would have said anything, but because I had a cute little figure I was being picked on. Poor, bullied skinny girl marginalized and punished for being thin. You know what hurt worse? My first summer home from college when I overheard my grandfather say "Damn, Katie sure has gotten fat." And when I say overheard, I mean he said it while I was sitting three feet away from me. Loudly. And he wasn't kidding. Which incident hurt worse?

In a society where ALL women, not just plus size, are inundated constantly with images of the ideal woman (and I promise you it's the skinny one), it's no wonder there is so much hate among women. Skinny hates fat; fat hates skinny. Hell, skinny hates skinny and fat hates fat. We are equal opportunity snarkers. What causes this trash talking? Are we insecure or jealous or self-loathing? What's the deal. The blogger insists that Kate Upton resembles a squishy brick and chides women for striving for the lazy, lardy look of Upton.

Too bad my interpretation of "lazy, lardy" doesn't resemble this!
Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated Online
Since receiving death threats, the blogger has apologized,and many people have added their own two cents to the discussion (including myself with this post), and Kate Upton has responded by saying she's not going to starve to be thin and that she can't enjoy life "not eating and miserable." And I say "Amen and can I buy you a cheeseburger, Kate?" The blogger continues to back pedal, however, stating that her blog simply celebrates her "preferred" body type- super skinny. She thinks it is unfair that plus-sized fatties get to celebrate their curves without backlash or criticism. Really? I didn't realize that America, the land of the free and fat, had started embracing fat women. As far as I can tell, we are still demonized and looked down upon by many. Remember the Gabi Fresh "Fatkini" controversy from earlier this summer? The only hateful comment I've received stated simply that I was fat and ugly and needed to stop blogging. When readers defended me, telling the anonymous hater that she was just jealous, she kindly clarified that I was nothing to be jealous of!

So true, so true. We should not be jealous. There is enough hate in the world. Why do we choose to hate ourselves and others because of our bodies. Didn't we learn years ago that we are all the same on the inside? Doesn't it hurt a skinny girl to be called a "flat chested gypsy ho" (yes, I got called that in sixth grade- extra points for "Mean Girls" creativity) just as much as it hurt a plus-sized girl to be called a "fat cow"? Shouldn't we admire bodies instead of envy them? Shouldn't we accept bodies instead of hate them? This post was actually inspired by my friend Tricia who recently posted on Facebook:

I haven't always been accepting of my body but recently that has changed, I love my body and it's size exactly the way it is. And while I realize my pride in my body has led me to say hateful things about other body types(particularly skinny ie "That girl is too thin needs to eat something" or even big girls like me regretfully) I am stating now that this will happen no more! EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THEIR BODIES NO MATTER THE SIZE OR SHAPE EQUALLY. We are all beautiful no matter how many times someone tells you you aren't.

She's 18 years old. Imagine if we could raise all of our girls to feel that way- not only about themselves, but about each other?! But to do this we must lead by example. We must be the change we want to see, right? Stop hating other women's bodies, and, most importantly, stop hating your own body. So start today- tell me: What do you love about your body?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday: "Baby, Baby"

"Baby, baby/ I'm taken with the notion/ To love you with the sweetest of devotion"- Amy Grant "Baby, Baby"

I'll be honest; I never thought the day would come when I would be writing a blog post based on an Amy Grant song. But here it is. Contrary to whatever you may believe, this song wasn't written about a studly love machine. Grant was actually inspired to write it after the birth of her daughter. I feel like I've always known it, but I did fall down the Amy Grant/ Wikipedia rabbit hole the other night...

Why you ask am I using a song about a baby for today's Tunesday Tuesday? No, I'm not announcing my pregnancy! But I did spend most of Monday waiting for the arrival of my best friend's first baby girl! She texted me at 2:00 A.M. to tell me her water broke and I totally overestimated the amount of time she would labor. My labor was the longest one ever. I didn't think I was every going to have Sean.

But literally I walked into the hospital room minutes after she delivered. I was so disappointed I missed it, but the most important thing was that mother and baby were both doing well and looking beautiful. I remembered my first night with Sean in hospital- amazed and afraid of the baby swaddled in front of me. I remembered the long, dark nights when I nursed, and it seemed like we were the only two awake in the whole world. I remember thinking I loved him while I was pregnant, but feeling real love the first time I held him. So forgive me for looking a little rough today! I had more important things on my mind!

Monday, July 16, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons....

... Make Lemonade!

Apparently I buy lemons every time we go to the grocery store. Even if I don't need lemons. Even if I already have lemons. I have a lemon issue.

I didn't even know I had a problem. Curtis discovered six lemons in the fridge early Saturday when we were taking inventory of our fridge and pantry- yes, it was exciting as it sounds. So I'm going to make a conscious effort to use some lemons this week. Maybe some lemonade, maybe some fish. Maybe a lemon pie. I doubt it, but you never know. I've got a lot of lemons!

Curtis asked me if I wanted to use them as a prop in these photos, but I thought that may be a little too much ;) This sheer tank is my first purchase from Forever 21, and I am pretty pleased with it. I thought it would be a great summery piece, but I am already looking ahead to layering it with a cardigan  and a pencil skirt in the fall and some skinnies and heels when it cools off. This is going to be a very versatile piece. 


Forever 21 printed top

Twill shorts

Patent leather shoes

Friday, July 13, 2012

Take Me Out to the Theatre

Stop! Before you do anything- check out DC in Style. The sweet and lovely Elena chose me for her Friday Inspiration and I think you will find that the outfit is super familiar. Go ahead. I'll wait on you................ Right?! Cutest thing ever, I know!! This makes me wish I was a cartoon because I'd give Jessica ("I'm not bad; I'm just drawn that way") Rabbit a run for her money!

Here's what last night looked like at the house. We ate dinner at 5:30 (yes, we are like little old people!) and then rushed home to watch X-Files for six hours before bed. We are wild and crazy when Sean is spending the night with his grandparents. Luckily in this post I am not talking about last night- I am talking about Wednesday night!

Dress- Dorothy Perkins  Cardigan- Lane Bryant
Belt- Target Shoes- Cato's
Necklace- New Work & Co. Bag- Jo Totes

Wednesday night Curtis and I got dressed up to attend the final dress rehearsal of Legally Blonde- The Musical at a local community theatre. Curtis's employer is a big sponsor of the theatre, so they have been hosting parties the night before opening night for certain plays. It's s great opportunity to mingle with other people in the city and see a top rate show. We saw "Hairspray" last year and I had tears by the time it ended, and while there were no tears Wednesday night, my stomach did hurt from laughing!

I love live theatre. There is very little in this world more exciting than seeing people pour out their hearts and souls while on stage in front of hundreds of people. It is truly magical. I have had the pleasure of being in a few plays (Last year at the school where I teach, they allowed teachers to try out for the big plays. I was Mrs.Webber in Our Town and an Oz beautician and chorus member in The Wizard of Oz). I was blown away by the amount of hard work- literal blood, sweat, and tears- that goes into staging a performance. It was the most exhilarating, exhausting and amazing experience of my life. I look forward to eventual getting on the stage again.

But in the meantime, I love plays and musicals. So much fun! I wore my white Dorothy Perkins dress again, pairing it this time with a turquoise cardigan and a lovely green belt. Everything was awesome except for these old peep toe heels. Does anyone else have trouble with peep toes KILLING your feet? I was in so much pain I walked barefoot back to the car. But it was worth it!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What To Wear:Backyard BBQ Edition

I am so excited to be joining up with Sharon of The Tiny Heart for her first ever link up! She has started the "What to Wear" series to help answer that life-long question for every occasion. When I saw that this first week's assignment was going to be "What to wear to a backyard BBQ", I knew I had the perfect outfit.

Being from the South I kinda feel like we probably invented the backyard BBQ, so I may just have a leg up on this competition ;) It's summer and it's HOT, so it's essential to stay cool when outdoors. The easiest way to accomplish that- short of nudity or a great vintage-style bathing suit- is the timeless classic of cut-off shorts and a tank top. I've stepped it up a level by combining a brightly colored pair of cut-offs with a printed tank, but it's still the same thing, just a little dressed up.

 I am most excited about my AWESOME new jelly shoes. They are Crocs, and I know, I know- Crocs are supposed to be so uncool, but these babies are rocking! And the best part? They totally change color in the sun. Okay, so I sound like a five-year-old, but come on! Who doesn't smile at color-changing shoes? You'd be the hit of the BBQ. Fashion and entertainment all rolled into one! The only thing missing from this outfit? The copious amount of bug spray I had to put on to keep from being eaten alive by mosquitoes. What can I say? I've got sweet meat! 

If you're visiting from The Tiny Heart, I'd love for you to leave a comment so I can check your blog out! Be sure to go to The Tiny Heart by clicking on the What to Wear button below to check out all the participating bloggers!
BBQ Outfit


Old navy



The Tiny Heart
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