Monday, February 4, 2013

Attitude Re-BOOT

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I may never get tired of wearing knee high boots with skirts and big scarves. For whatever reason I just LOVE the combination. I am as comfortable as being in any other casual outfit, but I feel so much more pulled together and stylish.

Cowl Neck Sweater- Old Dana Buchman (similar here and here)
Corduroy Pencil Skirt- Last season Old Navy (similar here and here)
Floral Scarf- Last season New York & Co (similar here )
Riding Boots- Old Navy (similar here )
These boots were a purchase from Old Navy back in the fall of 2011 and they have truly become a staple of my wardrobe. I sometimes feel pressured to upgrade to a nicer pair, but I slide them on and the fit just right around my calves, and I fall in love all over again. So I intend to wear them until they fall apart...or until I find my dream pair of Frye boots on sale for $50 ;)

One thing I've noticed after blogging for over a year is the increased pressure to buy, buy, buy and have, have, have. I joke about the boots, but ,seriously, sometimes I feel like I'm not a "real" blogger until I have certain brands and certain items in my closet. The funny thing is many of these brands don't cater to my size, so even if money wasn't a roadblock, the lack of extended sizes would stop me in my tracks. The good thing is it forces me to work with what I can get my hands on. The bad thing is it is sometimes really discouraging. I know I'm not the only woman dealing with this, right?

P.S. I added several pieces to my StoreEnvy shop over the weekend, including a sweet faux leather pencil skirt I never even got to wear! Check it out here!


Shurree said...


I understand that feeling you get when reading fashion blogs: If you don't own sweaters from J. Crew, or Frye books (though they are yummy), and accessories from Loft and Banana, then it doesn't feel like you're playing the fashion game correctly.

I get the size limitation stuff too, and its always a disappointment when you can click that "skirt seen here" button and know that you can scoop it up and style it just like the girl on the internet. Even though the pictures are lovely and those girls look adorable, it isn't attainable for everyone whether because of our wallet size or waist size.

BUT! That's why I love your blog so much. I love that the items you own and show on the blog come from Old Navy, Charming Charlie, Cato, and Target. Those are real people stores that we can all afford to shop in. They also cater to bodies of shapes and sizes.

Some other blogs may have beautiful outfits that I may envy, but I haven't looked those and said, "Yes! I can do this!" With your blog, I definitely can. Yours is my favorite fashion blog. It is the first one that I ever bookmarked and the only one that I visit every day. And I'm still feeling inspired to make my own like it some day. I'm just working on some of the detail work like someone to take photos for me.

So keep on rock'n on in your Old Navy, girlfriend.

Mona Rentzel Bowser said...

fabulous looking outfit on you. One of your best.... style, cut, colors, fit..... Fabulous! I am a larger gal too and often can't find things to fit at "those other stores". Keep doing what you're doing..... for no one else but yourself!

Stephanie Frost Roberts said...

I like that your choices in brands and stores are more obtainable to the average person. I hate when I see a super cute outfit and then I see the under-cami was like $75. Booo

Feathers & Freckles said...

My brother just bought his girlfriend Frye boots and I'm sooo jealous! They're gorgeous. Ok, back on topic...

I completely agree, but you know what? I actually enjoy reading blogs that feature "real" looks way more than any blog that features designer brands. I love that you wear Old Navy all the time and rework items in your closet. It's real, and fun to see :) LOVE this scarf on you, and I agree, knee-high boots and a skirt always make me feel put-together.

Red Peeptoe Pumps said...

Love that scarf, Katie! I love a great colorful scarf with neutrals.

ashleigh said...

I can name 5 right now : THAT Michael Kors Watch, that J.Crew pave link bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff bags, Shabby Apple dresses (they never freakin FIT me!) Zara booties and jeans that cost over $50.00, and Hunter rain boots. :( I do what I can with what I can thrift or buy at my favorite local stores, but I really WANT that Michael Kors watch sometimes!.
YOU look fabulous. Even if those aren't Fry boots!

Sharon S said...

I love that you shop at Old Navy...I can't afford to wear head to toe JCrew on a daily basis!

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Tashia @HipsandHangers said...

Cheap boots last longer sometimes! My $80 leather boots I bought two years ago are almost dead. The soles have cracks and the leather looks awful. I am with you on that pressure! I can't afford JCrew or Madewell unless they're on super clearance, and even then the chances of finding an XL or 14 or 16 left and it actually fitting are pretty slim. I am also really uncomfortable with online shopping. I know if I order something and it doesn't fit I'm going to forget to return it and lose out on the money (it's happened before). That's why I'm loving gwynnie bee. If it doesn't fit I just send it back and get the next thing:)

Brynn said...

I love this look on you! I'm with you on boots/clothes/whatever. I have a pair of Target boots that I LOVE. I've worn them several times a week for nearly two years now, and they look great!

I love that you shop at affordable stores. I relate to blogs (like yours) that feature clothing that I can buy, pieces that I have too, and show how fantastic you can look even though you're not decked out in J.Crew, Madewell, Banana Republic, high end designers, etc. It makes me feel that much better about my own style (and income, let's just be real).

Keep it up - I love you/your blog!!

Always Maylee said...

You look beautiful! I love skirts with boots too, so you are not alone.

And I totally understand what you're saying about blogging causing the pressure to buy certain things. I myself have felt that way a few times. But I just have to remember that the whole point of my blog is I'm showing off my personal style... wearing things that I would normally wear if no one was taking pictures of me. Of course, every once in awhile I'll splurge on something, I won't deny that. Or my husband will buy something nice for me as a bday/christmas gift. Otherwise, I pretty much stick to the good ol' average joe stores, and I'm ok with that! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Virginia said...

The reason I started following your blog was *because* you find fashionable flattering clothing for plus size women at "regular" stores. If you have enough money anyone can find something that looks good on them. You helped me find stuff at Old Navy and Catos! Also, I love seeing how you take the same clothes and restyle them. Anybody can make a brand new outfit look like a brand new outfit. I've gotten many ideas from you on how to take what I have and put it with something else I have -- things I wouldn't have come up with myself.

A.B. said...

I second this!

Carrie said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the pressure to acquire more - it kind of amazes me to see that there are so many bloggers who don't remix items at all. While I read a few of them when I started blogging, I've dropped them from my blog feeds because it's kind of mind-boggling to see someone wearing high-end items from head to toe. To combat the "gimmes" I do shopping bans now and then - just started a two-month one, and this month I'm focusing on wearing the underused stuff in my closet. It really takes the pressure off and is always a great reminder of how much nice stuff I already have!

I'm a regular reader here because it makes me happy to see someone who loves Old Navy as much as I do ;) who can get creative with what she has and make it look like a million bucks.

vogue_or_bust said...

Loooving this look! The colours, prints and textures are all spot-on. And I completely agree with you about the pressure to own all the best things as a blogger...I feel like I need to constantly acquire more in order to find new style inspo, and it becomes this vicious cycle. I've been trying to find more inspiration in old, completely forgotten pieces lately rather than shopping more!

Alexandra xo

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Jessica @ Here&Now said...

I love this whole look pretty lady! I really need to add more light weight scarves to my collection, because I truly would wear them all year round (except maybe during those dang humid August days). I agree with you about some items being completely ubiquitous in the style blogging world, and I have to admit that I have fallen prey to the "sheep mentality", but usually when I see an item alllll over the place, it makes me want to not get it, going your own way is fun too!


Cassandrapamela said...

I really like your pixie cut,Katie!! you look so fresh, young and beautiful!
you look great as usual, love the skirt and the colorful scarf ;) chic!

Gina said...

This is a really great look! I liked this a lot.

Hailey said...

I feel that pressure too as a blogger. Sometimes I feel that nothing I wear is ever good enough to be on the blog because it isn't overly trendy or expensive or dressy enough or whatever. But then I get comments about how people love that I wear "normal" stuff from stores they shop at, and in some cases, own items they have in their closets too. And I, of course, love your blog and your outfits. You re-wear items like a normal person does. You shop at regular places. You wear outfits that are easy to put together, cute, comfortable, and not out of place in an every day woman's closet.

Franziska said...

why fix it if its not broken! as far as having something just to blog, I definitely see that out there in blog land. I think the people who purchase and wear just to blog may have a quick following and re-pins, but they aren't being authentic. You have to do and buy for you. Like that's why I have a budget that I repost and plan for - it's for my life and it's my money, not for my blog. Just do what you're good at, and people will follow the genuine, not the newest j.crew blouse.

puspa RAUT said...

so cute.........

grownandcurvywoman said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. I have to check myself often to ensure that Im staying true to myself and my style not to trends. When I first started blogging a year ago I went out bought a mountain of clothes. Now in my second year I dont feel so pressured to buy. I like discovering what I have in my closet and working with it.
As for you, I think you look great and you style is unique!

tori said...

I too feel the pressure to buy new things. Every time I do a trend report, It causes me to think about what I don't have :( And then today I was looking for something to wear and thought, I wonder how boring (insert huge fashion blogger name here) would think my closet is. It's so lame, because I know I have an awesome selection to a million other people. Sad how sometimes we get down on ourselves when we shouldn't at all!

xn said...

Thrifting has become complicated for me, at my size, but not totally impossible. I've gotten FAR more use out of eBay (with mostly successful results) than I ever thought I would for clothes' shopping. Macy's and Kohl's fill in the gaps for a decent price lately.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

You look great! I know the pressure you're talking about, and we've got to strengthen our muscles to not think that way. I say it often, but I believe it--style blogging can make you crazy, have a warped sense of reality, and lose some common sense. You just "do you," Katie! If you like a piece, go for it, but don't feel like you've got to buy something to "arrive." You (and your wardrobe) are good as is!

Going Loopy said...

I like your blog because you combine things in fun ways and because you seem like an interesting and fun person. I love your style, and I will love it regardless of whether it's new stuff or old stuff! I like to play around in my own closet, and I like bloggers that do it too. This is your corner of the net, and you get to decide what goes in it. PS - I love scarves....they totally make it look like you tried, even when you mostly just threw on the stuff that was clean. (Or is that just me?)

Annie said...

I LOVE this look Katie! That scarf is so pretty, and what a cute skirt. I think you always look fabulous, so you shouldn't feel any pressure to have new things and brands...but I totally get why you's hard not to as bloggers :)


The Other Side of Gray

jeannie said...

I LOVE your outfit. You look beautiful in it.

DorothyP said...

Love the look, but tights in the same color would make your legs look longer--the inches of skin between hem and boot top cuts legs in a way that's not as flattering as it could be. You also might think about shortening that top just a smidge--so that it doesn't cut you in two. I know people love that whole Golden ratio, but not when it cuts at the widest part of the hips. Most women look better with a top that's a tich shorter.

Katie Frost said...

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