Thursday, February 7, 2013

How to Wear Trouser Jeans

In a world saturated with skinny, painted-on jeans and jeggings, trouser jeans are a refreshing option for many women. Much more forgiving than skinnies and more office appropriate, trouser jeans are dressy enough for the work day, but comfortable enough for the every day. After my last post featuring trouser jeans, many of you expressed an interest in a post dedicated to this wardrobe work horse, so I am teaming up with one of my favorites, Catie from Catie's Corner, to give you some tips on buying and wearing trouser jeans, and then tomorrow Catie will give you a ton of pinnable outfit ideas!

Tips for Buying and Wearing Trouser Jeans

* Fit is everything. Trouser jeans can be ultra-flattering for many body shapes- not just long-legged and slender ladies- but you must buy the right pair (or have them tailored).
 If you are on the petite side of the spectrum, look for trouser jeans with a lower-rise and wearing some rocking heels or wedges. 

* Trouser jeans are meant to be tailored and fitted. You shouldn't have a saggy backside! Ideally the trousers will fit your curves and butt and then fall straight down from the thigh.

* I've heard of women (meaning I don't do this but probably should) who buy two pairs of the same trouser jeans and have one pair hemmed to wear with flats and the other pair for heels. If you think this doesn't make a difference in how polished you look, then hop over to Audrey's post on proper fit and look at her before and after photos.

* You want to "even" out the fullness of your bottom half with a closer-fitting, feminine top. Cropped blazers look especially sharp with dark trouser jeans.

* Trousers jeans can be easily dressed up or down by changing your heel height or top- they make great wardrobe staples for Casual Fridays, but if you are lucky, you may can dress them up enough to wear any day of the week.

Remember to be sure to come back tomorrow to see all the awesome outfits that Catie has picked out for us! My favorites are # 6, 8 and 11!!

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ashleigh said...

I buy two pairs and hem one pair for flats:) But I do that with almost all pants. IT's a bummer being short! I am really happy you featured this! I think, when worn with a heel, trouser jeans elongate your body/legs just like skinnies. And the dark ones can pass as slacks for work, which is a must for me.
Love this post Katie!

Sharon S said...

The trouser jeans look great on you, Katie! I usually stick to skinny jeans for my petite frame. ALL of my jeans have to be hemmed!

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Necklace Giveaway!

Catie said...

Every outfit you're wearing is soo cute Katie! And you shared some great tips. I'll have to keep my eye out for a nice fitting pair. A couple years ago a found a pair on clearance for $4! I wore them a couple times and when I washed them, they shrank. Big time! Like two inches too short. So, no more trouser jeans for me. : (

Hope your readers enjoy my post tomorrow!

~ Catie

Always Maylee said...

I love the look of trouser jeans, but I have so much trouble finding ones that fit me properly. I'll definitely have to to follow your tips!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Curv outure said...

I love the idea of a great pair of trouser jeans (even though the word trouser makes me giggle). Do you have any suggestions as to where a curvy lady might find a good pair?

A.B. said...

Any pants I buy have to be hemmed for flats. I don't wear heels, even of the wedge variety, and manufacturers think that I should be alot taller than I am wearing the size that I do.

Savannah said...

I LOVE my trouser jeans! Who won the Kiyonna giveaway?

Chris Williams said...

I love trouser jeans, but I'm really curvy so it's hard for me to find a pair that look flattering with my size and height... I'm also short... boo!

grownandcurvywoman said...

Im a HUGE fan of trouser jeans. I have a white pair of trouser jeans from Talbots. They are the best pair of jeans I own!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I love trouser jeans, but for some reason I forget to wear them more often! Thanks for linking to me :)

Tori Clark said...

I love trouser pants! They are universally flattering on every body type, and lengthening! You look lovely in yours!

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