Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post: Hair's the Thing

I am so so so excited to have my beautiful best friend Callie guest posting for me today ( I am in NO shape to be taking photos, trust me). I've had some hair controversy lately, as somehow each time I go get mine cut it gets shorter and shorter. How does that work exactly? ;) 

I figured since Callie is the genius behind my haircut (or the culprit, if you hate it) AND she just cut most of her's off, that she would be the perfect guest blogger for me!

I have always been the girl with "the hair." Since college, I've kept it a long, fiery orange-red, and I get compliments on it wherever I go. As a hairstylist, I use those opportunities to introduce myself with a smile and a business card. But honestly, my hair really is my best feature. On the days when my pre-pregnancy jeans (still) won't button, I know a good hair day is all I need to add a little confidence to my look.

Friends for life- bonded by beautiful hair and amazing style!

 So when I sat in the chair at work and had twelve inches of my hair cut off earlier this month, I didn't know what to do next. For the rest of the day, I kept reaching for hair that wasn't there. I secretly saved a lock of it from the trash and took it home. I couldn't bear to see my crowning glory thrown away like garbage. Now, I know Katie has already done a short hair empowerment blog post, and I know because I'm the one that cut her hair off. This isn't one of those.

 Like I mentioned, I'm a hairstylist, so hair is not just important to me, it's my life. It pays the bills, plus I'm pretty passionate about it. All day long, I cut hair, style hair, look at pictures of other people's  hair, pin fancy hair on Pinterest. I love hair. But my hair has always been such a comfort zone to me, and I was in a very long-term, very predictable, relationship with it. When I first had my hair cut into my current style (my mom calls it a Loshob - long, shag bob), I could barely style it. It was so different, I was left going, "abuuuhh??" like I'd never styled hair before in my life. After three weeks, I'm beginning to find my rhythm. So what I'd like to share with you are my pros and cons of long and short hair. If you're thinking of cutting or growing, maybe this list will help you narrow that decision down. 


1. I miss my bouncy ponytail. I had a lovely ponytail. It was sassy and voluptuous and fit for the head cheerleader. Now I can still fit my layers into a little sprig I refer to as a "nubbin," but it's not the same. 

2. I also miss my messy topknot. I was pretty thrilled when that thing became the "it" style, because when you only wash your hair twice a week, a dirty pile of hair on your head is a go-to look at LEAST on Wednesdays and Sundays, and sometimes even on Fridays.  

3. Speaking of only washing my hair twice a week, that is a thing of the past. Short hair doesn't hold its style as easily as long hair. It gets sweatier during a workout and more matted when you sleep. Now I shampoo it three times a week. 

4. Long hair is hot and heavy and made me sweat, even in winter (gross but true). 

5. Long hair requires more products, more shampoo, and more applications of hair color to get the job done. Not very cost-effective or good for planet Earth. 


1. Short hair is fun. I feel like it sets me apart more. My long hair was stunning, but I feel like the short cut gives me a more defined style. I feel like I look like me, instead of lots of other girls with long hair. 

2. I love hair accessories. I'm kind of an accessory fiend as it is, and short hair is made for wearing clip-in bows or flowers, headbands, wraps, and sweet little bobby pins. Long hair dwarfs little cute accessories. 

3. My eight month-old daughter can't pull on my hair as easily now that it's shorter. It also doesn't get knotted up in necklace clasps anymore. Definitely a pro. 

4. Long hair is kind of easier, from a styling perspective. There may be more of it, but there is usually less effort involved in getting it to look good. There are more quick options for long hair, like my aforementioned topknot, not to mention a fishtail braid, sock bun, and other updos. 

5. This one is all vanity, but for the sake of honesty, I got more compliments when my hair was long. Now people tend to say, "Oh, I love your color," instead of "Wow, I love your hair." 

The bottom line is, new hair can be new territory just like a new pair of neon skinny jeans can be new territory. My philosophy is to wear my hair just like I wear my clothes: with a little daring, lots of confidence and like, "yeah, I meant for it to look like this."

Katie again!
Opposites attract really, because unlike Callie, 95% of the time, my hair is the last thing I think about. I don't miss the sweaty mess it was in spring and summer. I don't miss fighting with my bangs to behave or giving up and tossing it up in a messy ponytail or bun.  If you aren't ready to take the plunge yet and chop it all off for spring, then at least make it pretty! Here's a super easy tutorial for styling sexy blunt bangs all the  girls envy (and a chance to win some money too!)!

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Shannon Carter said...

Hey Katie, I've been following and I love the blog!

Great guest post by Callie. Her hair is always awesome, and I can't wait for her to do my wedding hair in October! After seeing this, I may get her to chop mine off after the wedding :)

Brynn said...

Oooh, Callie's hair is the coolest color!!!

I'm a huge fan of shorter hair. I agree with what Callie said about short hair being made for accessories. I have had hair down to my waist and short hair (ear-length, spiky, short/stacked in the back), and I've found short hair to be much better for me. It's easy to style, it's different from what most women my age are doing with their hair, it frames my face better, it's less staticy (staticky?) in the winter, it doesn't clog my drains, it's not all over my apartment, it's so versatile, it's less hot in the summer, I get more compliments because it's not just long hair, it takes much less time to do...I could go on and on. I love having an actual style to my hair, as opposed to most of my peers whose style is just "long." Most people I know with long hair usually wear it in a top knot (ew) or a ponytail anyways, to keep it off their head.

I love short hair!! :)

ashleigh said...

I think you hair IS beautiful! I love short hair, but I agree. It's easier to keep it long :( maybe one day I'll be brave and cut it!

Melissa said...

Katie, I LOVE your short haircut. :-) You're beautiful with long hair too - the short hair just kind of adds some feisty-ness to your look, which suits you so well!

And Callie, your haircut is gorgeous too. I totally agree with you on the pros and cons of short and long hair. I've bounced back and forth between the two for years! Right now it's long. Which for me means a tad past my shoulders. I don't go much longer than that. The biggest pro for me when it's longer is it looks way better curly, which only takes me five to ten minutes to do with a little curl cream and a diffuser. When it's short it doesn't do the curly thing so well and I'm stuck blow-drying it straight when it needs to look decent. And, my husband loves it long. It's not like he hates my hair short. It's ultimately my hair and my decision and he totally respects that. But there is a little extra gleam in his eye when it's long. And I love that. :-)

Melissa said...

I should clarify - my hubby does not find me any less sexy when my hair is short. He just likes long hair. He's always thought my short haircuts were cute. He'd tell me if he didn't. He's honest, and I want him to be. There was one short haircut that was REALLY bad and we BOTH hated it! LOL

On the other end of spectrum, my mom has had short pixie-ish hair for decades and my dad loves it. The very back of it, where her head and neck meet, is usually buzzed, and when they're sitting watching TV my dad will just play with that super short hair. It's cute.

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

Even now I flip-flop- I loved my hair long and I love it short. My husband probably prefers it a little longer, but he also understands why I cut it. And I love the story about your mom and dad! So sweet :)

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of your points! It's so nice to not be constantly unclogging my shower drain- so incredibly disgusting! I also appreciate and totally get what you and Callie both said about short hair being a real style as opposed to just "long". So true!

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

I posted on your blog yesterday, but wanted to thank you again for posting! Can't wait to see what Callie's does with your hair, both for the wedding and after!

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

I feel a little better each hour I think. But still very drainy and sore.
Isn't her hair color just a show stopper! She definitely stands out :)

Hems for Her, a.k.a. Katie said...

Go for it Nicole! I love angled bobs- that's always been one of my go-to cuts, and it transitions easily to a pixie!

Katie Frost said...

Wow i love that hair.


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