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Guest Post: How to Pack a Carry On Tote from Audrey of Putting Me Together

One of my favorite bloggers ever of all time and a traveling/packing guru, Audrey was a perfect for for a guest post this week while I'm out in sunny California! I used all of Audrey's packing posts to help me get my carry-on packed for a 5-day trip with lots of different challenges- dressy dinners and casual vineyard tours and sightseeing in San Francisco! This girl knows what she's talking about :)

Hi!  My name is Audrey and I blog at Putting Me Together.  I'm so glad to be here today as Katie is off enjoying herself in wine country as well as one of my favorite places in California!

I travel quite a bit, and it's made me try to pack light.  I've already done a few posts on packing (see here, here, and here), but this is the first time writing about what I pack in my tote.

My Tote
First of all, after ripping through about three $20-$30 totes in just a few months because of the stuff I have to lug around on a regular basis, my wonderful husband gifted me with a fantastic tote a little over a year ago.

It was hard for me to accept that it cost as much as it did, but once I realized that ripping through three $20-$30 totes in a few months was basically the same as buying one of better quality that will last, it was easy to accept.

I learned to look at where the handles are attached, and since the stitching goes all the way to the bottom of the bag (rather than just like 2 inches on) then the bag will be able to withstand a heavier load.  So far that's proven to be true.  All of my other totes ripped where the handles were stitched and attached to the bag, but this one has endured over a year of daily use and is still going strong!

Inside the Bag
This is usually what's in my tote on a flight:

1.  Reading material - A style magazine is essential for me!  Sometimes I want mindless stuff to read, and I'm so behind on my magazine reading that flights are a great time for me to catch up.  Sometimes I'll have an iPad and usually another book or two.

2. Water bottle - I never leave home without it.  I have to carry it into the airport empty and fill it up there because I hate being without water on a flight.

3.  In-flight toiletry essentials:
  • Lotion - Those planes get dry, dry, dry!
  • Chapstick
  • Eyedrops - Like I said, those planes are dry.  The worst is waking up from a nap with my eyelids glued to my contacts and trying to look normal for the person next to me.
  • Mirror - Maybe it's because my eyes are kind of enormous (though you can't tell in my blog pics), but I ALWAYS have lint in my eye that I need to fish out.  I know you wanted to know that.  ;)
  • Gum
  • Kleenex - I don't always need it, but when I do and I'm without it I'm BUMMIN.

4.  Sleep mask - Weird fact, I sleep with my eyes partway open.  It's kind of embarrassing.  Okay, like a lot embarrassing.  Like, once in junior high I fell asleep on my friend's bed and another friend joined us while I was sleeping and my eyes were so open that he was yelling hello to me and telling me I was rude for ignoring him.  It's gross, I know.  SOOOOO, again, to look normal to the person next to me, this mask is a must!

5.  Macbook Air.  Because I travel so much my husband made me switch to an Air from a Macbook Pro.  OMG it makes such a huuuuuuuge difference!  Sometimes I can't even tell that I have my laptop in my bag.

6.  Pencil pouch - I'm kind of a nerd and I love office supplies.  I'm usually armed with a full load.

7.  iPhone, Headphones, Bluetooth

8.  Cardigan & Scarf - I'm ALWAYS cold on planes!  Especially when I have a window seat.  Even if I'm flying to Hawaii, these are in my tote.  (Shopping options: cardigan and scarf--lots of options at Target!)

9.  Snack!  Some protein and some chocolate.  Just what the doctor ordered.

10. Maybe, maybe, maybeeeee I might bring makeup in my tote, especially if it doesn't fit in my carry-on luggage.  

Is there anything else you'd add to your tote?  

Big thanks to Katie for having me here.  Drink some delicious wine for us!


Savannah said...

I wil have to keep this list handy. I'm flying to Texas sometime this year.

Brynn said...

That's perfect! I usually take like 4 books with me when I fly, and read about 50 pages of one book...time to scale back, ha. I also like to have little word puzzles or sudoku, too, to keep my mind active and give me something to do when I listen to music.

Annie said...

Love this! So fun to see what's in your bag, and that leopard scarf is gorgeous!


The Other Side of Gray

Renae R said...

I bring a pashmina. 8 hours to Europe means I need to sleep and I won't do it with an airplane blanket around my shoulders, I save that for my lap!! :)

Jessica @ Here&Now said...

Cardi & scarf are on my plane necessities list, and something to make me look busy because I am that person who hates talking to strangers on planes!


Sue R said...

I often bring a deck of uno or reg playing cards if I am traveling with someone. Especially for trips with connecting flights. Also crystal light packets for the water bottle.

Mel Mel said...

If I travel internationally, or have to change planes more than once, I put a complete change of clothing into a zip-lock bag in my carry on- at the very least a fresh shirt and under things. That way If I make it but my luggage doesn't, I have at least something else to wear.

I also carry a travel toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant. Same reason. I put everything into zip-lock bags. On several occasions I had to unload everything from my bag at security. If it's all in see-through bags, it's easier and faster. Plus my unmentionables don't fall out for everyone to see!

Amber said...

Baby wipes, great for everything.

Katie Frost said...

I agree with everything, with the addition of a pashmina and ear plugs.

Katie Frost said...

I carry a travel pack of Clorox wipes to clean the tray and arms of the seat. Also handy for the dirty washrooms.

Katie Frost said...

can you take the wipes on the plane with out problems

Katie Frost said...

Ear plugs, a scarf, eyedrops and chapstick are a given.
Wet wipes for sure - for everything... disinfectant ones.
Chewing gum if my ears pop and because I tend to think flying makes my mouth taste weird.
Medicines: Antihistamines (because people try their new perfumes or just visited the taxfree area and kill me with headaches and swollen nose if I don't) and some aspirin.

I usually also have at least one set of clothes to change into in case my suitcase takes another trip than I do.

And I have to add: bringing peanuts is NOT a very good idea. Some people are deadly allergic to them to the degree where they can get severely sick from the airborne particles when someone else eat them, so... maybe not trail mix, next time?

Katie Frost said...

Medication! I'm on a TON of meds, and need to have it with me at all times. Also, heaven forbid it gets lost in my checked baggage. Also a teeny bottle of hand sanitizer - because planes are icky. I take baby wipes, but not Clorox Wipes, because I can't take the smell. You don't take Fakeup? You must be pretty. :)

Katie Frost said...

thanks so much! I'll be following these tips, I'm going to australia this summer and i need all the help i can get

Katie Frost said...

We travel often internationally with flight changes. I read the comments and some of the additions are bang on for carry on luggage but I think we are talking about just our tote that we would have at our seat with us. Extra undies, etc should be in Carry On with your jewellry etc. I will say keeping your meds in your tote is essential. For me, wipes of some sort and lip balm and deodorant are also in my tote with my toothbrush. Toothpaste is in my liquids bag in my tote that I need to haul out for customs (a requirement - see through bag (ziploc) with all liquids and gels in under 100ml sizes). Brushing your teeth and wiping your face with a cool wipe and spritzing deodorant does wonders to make one feel at least a bit refreshed. I also carry a ziploc full of my portable chargers/usb cords, a powerpond/cube, headphones, etc. so I can charge my phone, pad, computer inflight. I am a filofax junkie so my A5 size filofax is with me but most of my travel organization is done through apps on my phone. The filofax is just an old habit/friend I have had with me for so long - my comfort item. Happy Travels.

Katie Frost said...

Such a stylish, sexy and classy dress

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