Monday, May 27, 2013

On the Side

Ah, sweet summer. After months of toil and trouble, I find myself free of work responsibilities! Each summer I have had the best intentions. I will be productive with my days- clean floors, folded clothes, warm dinner. However, the past four years have shown me that I am lazy and that I get easily bored and lonely. This summer I vowed to do something different, so I am taking steps to fulfill that promise to myself.

I am keeping Sean home with me. I am excited to have such a cool kid to keep me company, and I am already filling our days with fun and educational activities. I also decided to take on a part-time job. It's not unusual for teachers to get summer jobs, but I knew it would be impossible to both work and keep Sean home. I didn't have much hope of making any extra money.

Then opportunity fell into my lap. It's not the first time that I have found myself with a solution I never knew I was looking for- it happened with teaching and blogging too. I am no stranger to following my gut and listening to myself. I am now selling Premier Designs Jewelry. PD is a direct sales company- something that I am not particularly fond of to be perfectly honest- and their focus on home shows immediately turned me off. 

But I couldn't stop thinking about it. I tried, I swear. I thought the jewelry was beautiful. I thought the company's philosophy was genuine. I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to continue my own personal mission- to make women feel beautiful and have confidence in themselves. So now I find myself with a nice little part-time job. Something to keep me busy during my downtime over the next few months.

Kiyonna Dress c/o Gwynnie Bee
Zebra Heels- Cato's (similar)
Jewelry- Premier Designs

Saturday I had my training show with the company. It was a chance for me to watch my sponsor in action and practice my people skills (oh, how they are lacking!). I had so much fun at the show- my time as a teacher has prepared me for teaching women about fashion. Anyway, I promise I am not going to spend the entire summer begging you to buy my jewelry. If I am wearing a piece, I will link to it. If you are interested, you can contact me. No pressure, I promise!

I knew I wanted to look my best for this first show, so I turned to Gwynnie Bee (of course!) and Kiyonna. My first Kiyonna piece was the Harlow Faux Wrap dress in red, so when I saw this beautiful jade number, I knew it was the one!

You have a few days left to entire Gwynnie Bee's contest to win a free month of services! All you have to do is write three reviews on the website. Check out all the details here and don't forget to enter!


Katie Frost said...

I'm loving those shoes!!!!! Soooooooooooooo cute! :)

Katie Frost said...

So glad I found your blog! I absolutely love your style. A friend sells Premier Design. I love that I can look through a catalog at my convenience. Buying jewelery in stores can sometimes be overwhelming. Anxious to see you incorporate some of the jewelry with your outfits :)

Katie Frost said...

I'm not too find of direct selling too... I've had a phobia from my teenage years. Doesn't mean I wouldn't buy though! Haha! :D

You look fab in their jewelry though...and those shoes, stop my beating heart. I've been wanting animal prints on my feet for the longest time. Still no luck in finding heels though.

twitter and instagram: @BelatedBloomer

Katie Frost said...

I like their jewelry. I sold Mary Kay forever so I know that feeling. But you get to do something fun that you are passionate about (fashion related! ) and that's what matters. I hope you kill it!

Katie Frost said...

Can we order from you, even if we are across the country from you?
I see a few that look pretty, and quite frankly, you bring me enjoyment at my job with your blog, so maybe I can reciprocate (sans blog).

Katie Frost said...

Love that dress on you! And I love how you displayed all the Premier Designs jewelry out - everything looks great. From scrolling down, you've had a great response so far to this post alone! You're going to do well :) Email me when you get a chance! I saw your FB post from yesterday saying Sean was being difficult :( Hopefully you get some "me" time soon so you can vent it out to me ;)

Katie Frost said...

Oh my god! I thought it was your turn to email me and I've been fretting over here that you were mad at me!!! I even had a dream last night that you had a new BBFF forever and you went to visit her in BFE, Ohio or something :O

Katie Frost said...

Love that dress on you. Good luck with your summer adventure!

Katie Frost said...

That sounds like a fantastic side gig! You're going to be awesome at it. Love the dress on you!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Katie Frost said...

Congrats on your new venture! I wish you much success! Kiyonna dresses look AMAZING on you! Keep wearing them!

Katie Frost said...

Congrats Katie!

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