Wednesday, June 12, 2013

7 X 7: 7 Pieces, 7 Ways

I don't usually participate in link-ups but I adore Audrey from Putting Me Together so much- I just couldn't resist. I am a total failure at "remixing" my outfits, so this was a perfect opportunity to practice my skills. And I am going on a little vacation at the end of this week. Packing done!

The idea is simple- pick seven pieces from your wardrobe (including shoes) and create seven outfits. Audrey truly is the queen of this, so I followed her "formula" closely, picking three tops, three bottoms and one pair of sandals. Here are the seven pieces I picked!

My pieces include:

1 Black Maxi Dress from Old Navy (Similar)
1 Slouchy Top in a Bright Color from Old Navy (Exact)
1 Brightly Colored, Lightweight Cardigan from Lane Bryant (Similar)
1 Funky Printed Tank Top from Forever 21 (Exact)
1 Pair of Neutral Wedges from Kohl's (Similar)
1 Pair of Cut-Off Shorts from Old Navy (Exact)
1 Pair of White Pants from Old Navy (Exact)

Here are the outfits I created by mixing and matching my pieces.

Outfit # 1

Funky and bright was the intention of most of my seven outfits. I flipped for this elephant tank from Forever 21, and I know it will be well-worn this summer. I paired it with simple cut-offs and a light-weight cardigan. Even though I live in the South, cardigans are still a summertime necessity thanks to super-powered A/C in the car, the house, the theater, the restaurant, etc.,etc.

Outfit # 2

I replaced the tank and cardigan with an oversized, slouchy orange top for this outfit. I am in love with the color orange for this summer, so this top was a no brainer! I am wearing a tried and true pair of neutral wedges with all of these outfits. This is great for packing because I am usually the gal who packs more shoes than clothes!

Outfit # 3

I love how the turquoise in the sweater and the mosaic colors in the tank pop against these great white pants. I don't get a lot of wear out of pants in the summer months, but these can easily be interchanged for my white shorts!

Outfit # 4

I think this was my favorite of the bunch. Instead of picking a maxi skirt as one of my pieces, I chose this dress. The dress is an outfit all it's on, and it can count as a bottom when layered with my tops- like this off-the-shoulder one!

Outfit # 5

Or maybe this one is my favorite... I really can't get over this tank top! I could also take off the cardigan if I was somewhere that was super hot.

Outfit # 6

I didn't pair jewelry with any of these outfits, because later I want to do a post talking about how easily you can use jewelry and accessories to dress up or dress down an outfit! Stay tuned :)

Outfit # 7

Wondering why this outfit is inside while all the rest were taken outside? Well, I am an English teacher! I thought I had already taken 7 outfit photos until I started putting this post together late Tuesday night... then I realized, I am an idiot and scrambled to take another one! Yep.


Katie Frost said...

I love the slouchy top over the maxi dress. So 80's chic.
Penniless Socialite

Katie Frost said...

Surprisingly to me, I love the orange top and white jeans! Definitely not something I would normally choose, but it really "pops" on you!

Katie Frost said...

You did a great job remixing the clothes! I think my fav is the coral top with the white jeans :)

The Tiny Heart
Scarf Giveaway!

Katie Frost said...

What a fun challenge! Love the orange top!

Katie Frost said...

I really like the pieces you picked, especially the slouchy orange top. It looks super comfortable!
And everything "pops" against the white pants. Win!

Katie Frost said...

Katie, you did such a great job with this challenge! I love all the outfits you put together. I think #4 is my favorite. I love how the shirt over the maxi dress gives it such a relaxed feel. I think I'll try that look! :)

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Katie Frost said...

This was very helpful. Thanks!

Katie Frost said...

I'm always on the hunt for stylish casual pants to extend my wardrobe a bit beyond jeans (isn't everyone?). I have tried a few different ON pairs and, like most non-plus size clothing on the upper end of the size range, find the fit to be a bit troublesome at times, particularly when a lot of the stores don't have a large selection and I am reliant on online shopping. Do you wear the ON skinny jeans in your regular size or size up?

Katie Frost said...

Oh- and I meant to mention that my 12 year old fashion loving daughter came over to see what I was looking at and pronounced you "adorable".

Katie Frost said...

Great minds think alike!! Love your outfits. my favorite has got to be the elephant shirt - so cute! Thanks for linking up!

Katie Frost said...

I always check the material in their pants. If it's got a lot of Lycra I will stick with my size because it will stretch, if not I go up a size. Both the shorts and the pants I went up a size. Hope that helps!

Katie Frost said...

Thanks Lynn, and thanks for the Pinterest comment- it's interesting because that's a pin I've thought about deleting because of the negativity surrounding it, so I appreciated seeing your side!

Katie Frost said...

What a fun challenge - I'll have to give it a try! And I have to admit that I'm crazy about that elephant shirt and hoping it was a recent purchase ... :)
Outfits 3, 4 and 6 are my favorites - love how the white pants make the colors pop even more.

Katie Frost said...

Oh yes, indeed! Honestly, I never remember to check if there is Lycra (or similar material) when I'm looking at clothes, even though I know it can totally change the way something will look after a few hours of wear. This is a terrific reminder. Thank you so much!

Katie Frost said...

I feel like if I did this, it would look like the same outfit for every different outfit... this coming from the person who quit the 30 for 30 after like 10 days (and no repeats). You did great!

Katie Frost said...

Those white pants look amazing on you!! What a great idea for packing- im going to try this!!!

Katie Frost said...

1,3,4 is my fave! You have great style! :D

with love, Cassandra xx

Katie Frost said...

I love this concept and wish I had had the time to put together a post for it! I'll have to borrow the idea on my own...or see if Audrey will host another link up like it in the future :) You picked some great pieces! I love how striking the colors look against the black tank/dress!

Katie Frost said...

Wow ! these all are so amazing and charming stuff,I must say.

Katie Frost said...

You've inspired me to try this! I suck at remixing my wardrobe. I need to do this because I cant keep shopping everyday doggone day! LOL

Katie Frost said...

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