Monday, June 24, 2013

Casual Cool

We celebrated Friday's Summer Solstice by staying up late playing at the park and gorging on Chinese food. While the calendar declares that summer has officially begun, it's always a poignant reminder that summer is about halfway over for students and teachers in my part of the country. Sean loves going to this park because it has a "creek", which I'm not entirely convinced isn't just sewage drainage, and a "secret spot" where we like to take photos.

White Top- Old Navy (same)
Print Shorts- Old Navy (same)
Purple Cami- NY & Co (super old, similar)
Adrina Flats- Crocs (same)

My necklace and earrings are one of my favorite sets from Premier Designs' spring line. Casual Cool is a super versatile necklace and pendant set that can be worn short and doubled or long and with or with out the pendant. Additionally, the pendant is reversible- so that doubles your options! The beads are clear, silver and a very icy blue- It's a great neutral piece for many summer outfits and I wear it a lot.

The earrings are equally versatile (and the metal pendants are reversible on the earrings as well!) I love love LOVE jewelry that can be worn multiple ways. First, you get more bang for your buck, and who doesn't like that?! Secondly, I like to call pieces like Casual Cool "vacation" jewelry- I could take this one necklace and one set of earrings on my vacation and have a different look every day.

So do you have essential summer jewelry pieces? Or do you avoid jewelry at all costs during the sweltering summer months?


Katie Frost said...

Really cute outfit. Gosh, I haven't worn shorts in over a decade! You look great. I really don't wear a lot of jewelry, I throw on my hoops and call it a day. One day I'll step out of the box. Love the way you've accessorized in this post. My son's summer vacation just started 2 weeks ago.

Katie Frost said...

Loving your cute outfit and your even cuter jewelry Katie!! Well, I usually wear pretty much the same jewelry all year round since the weather doesn't change that much here in Panama :)

Katie Frost said...

I hate wearing necklaces on hot days, so I tend to stick to bangles and simple earrings in the summer. Love those printed shorts:)

Katie Frost said...

Your shorts are SO cute! Im an accessories whore so yes I wear them throughout the sweltering summer. I just came leave home without them!

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