Monday, July 29, 2013

Blast Off: See Jane Write Launch Party

One of the best things about blogging is the personal connections you make with other bloggers. When I first started blogging, I naively (or egotistically) assumed I was the only person blogging in my area. Well, within a matter of months, I discovered that my city actually has a thriving blogging network, lead almost single-handedly by an awe-inspiring woman named Javacia. She blogs over at The Writeous Babe, and in 2011, she started See Jane Write, a community for women bloggers. 

Despite the fact that Javacia and I both graduated from the same university (and the same year), both work as high school English teachers, and our husbands both work for the same company , we didn't meet until I attended a See Jane Write event in January of this year. I was impressed by her drive and determination, and I wasn't at all surprised when she announced that she intended to turn SJW into an online magazine. I was honored to be featured in the premiere of the magazine. So last Thursday, I was super excited to attend the launch party for See Jane Write Magazine.

Dress: Lane Bryant
Bag: Jo Totes
Shoes: Crocs (old, similar)
The launch party was a lot of fun. Curtis was able to meet me up there when he got off of work, and afterwards we ate dinner at our favorite Greek restaurant. I wanted to wear something bright and light because it's been so hot, so I slipped into Lane Bryant earlier in the week and found this dress in the clearance section. Best part? It was only $14! 

Jewelry- Premier
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Katie Frost said...

Lane Bryant deals = the best deals. Their stuff is usually too expensive for me, so when I find something awesome on clearance IT IS TIME TO POUNCE.

That dress is gorgeous.

Katie Frost said...

I am in LOVE with that dress.

Katie Frost said...

Love all the bright colors in that dress! How fun that you got to attend the launch party :)

The Tiny Heart

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Katie Frost said...

I love the colors in the dress, and the crocs are so perfect with it! I have found a few friends who blog in my area but it's just a small town. Most are from the bigger metro area of Cincinnati.

Katie Frost said...

that party sounds like so much fun! i LOVEEEE that dress!!

Katie Frost said...

That sounds like SO much fun and I'm so happy that you got to meet other bloggers from your community. That is sooo cool! Oh and this dress looks gorgeous on you, I love love love all the colors!

Katie Frost said...

You were lovely as always at the SJW Mag launch party! I was so glad you and Curtis could make it!

Katie Frost said...

This dress is awesome on you! Sounds like a fun event!

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