Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get It Together

This was a clearance dress I bought from Target sometime last year and forgot in the abyss of my closet. In an effort to get organized before school starts, I've been going through my closet, my jewelry, my shoes- everything- really trying to weed out things I no longer need or use. That's when I rediscovered this sweet little sundress. It's a nice, light cotton, but the darker colors will make it great for fall, too (can't wait to pair it with a chambray top in cooler weather).

Dress-Target (super old, similar)
Cardigan- JC Penney's (old, similar)
Shoes- Payless (old, similar)
Jewelry- Whimsical- Premier Designs.

I've hired a friend to help me get everything organized. I've finally realized that I am not very motivated to clean and arrange and organize. I think back to being a child and how I would piddle around in my room when I was supposed to be cleaning, and literally my mom would have to come sit on my bed and tell me what to do. Then I think about how messy my classroom is and my closet and my office. I just get so overwhelmed; I don't know where to start. I am hopeful that having an objective opinion will finally help me clear out some clutter and get my act together.

I kinda feel embarrassed about the whole thing. I am a 31-year-old woman for crying out loud! Do I really need someone to help me clean up my closet?!?!? Wait, don't answer that...


Katie Frost said...

Oh don't even worry about it! Most of the time I find it's lack of organization. If your closet had everything available to organize and store your items, catered to your needs, would it still be messy? Mine wouldn't be! We've gotta get you pinning some crafty DIY solutions on Pinterest!

I love the mustard accents. Very cute!


Katie Frost said...

Love this outfit!! It is so cute!

Katie Frost said...

hahaha i am the same way, girl. i have to have someone kick me in the butt to get organized. you look gorgeous!

Katie Frost said...

"I am not very motivated to clean and arrange and organize." Yup, that's me, too. The thing is that as teachers we need to organize not only ourselves, but a shared space, and sometimes provide organizing structures/support on an individual level. Yes, totally overwhelming! It's definitely a process for me - and I've learned the best support in my ongoing process is to befriend organized folks and pick their brains for tips and methods. :)

What a lovely little dress to uncover in your closet! It looks beautiful with the mustard cardi, and that necklace is gorgeous.

Katie Frost said...

I am terrible at organizing and/or getting rid of things. When faced with some daunting task, I tend to focus on some insignificant part, like alphabetizing a bookshelf or arranging my scarf collection by color instead of dealing with the giant piles of shit around the bookcase and/or the scarf hangers. You are definitely not alone. Good luck with your organizing projects, and I love the outfit.

Katie Frost said...

You are so not alone in this. I always try to organize my school things right before the new year starts, usually end up with a completely new one that goes out of the window about 12 weeks after the school year started. Maybe I should hire someone as well. My closet looks horrible and I desperately need to start ironing because for the last 3 months or so I've just kept hanging everything intending to iron it at some other point. Then in the morning when I wanted to get dressed the outfit choices were very limited since most of the blouses and skirts were very wrinkly. Another thing on my to do list... I keep hoping that elves come by and do the job but it never happens.

Best Sarah

P.S.: Your outfit looks lovely by the way.

Katie Frost said...

Love the outfit. I need to try mustard yellow in my wardrobe.

What helped me in my quest for organization is UFYH on Tumblr. I cannot spell it out because one is a swear word (and the woman who runs the site swears a lot, so if that would bother you ignore my suggestion). A lot of organizing sites I have found I don't like for a lot of reasons (it's way too perfect, they have much more room than I do, much less stuff than I do, a much higher budget for buying things, and all the time in the world) but I found UFYH to be totally accessible.

Katie Frost said...

My biggest problem with cleaning out my closet is actually letting go of things. I do the whole "Well maybe I'll fit into this again", "Maybe this will be back in style", "I think I know someone who will want this". Then it just sits in there collecting dust and taking up room!! Clearly I need my mom to come over and tell me what to do ;) Love that dress! It seems really versatile and I love it paired with mustard yellow.

Katie Frost said...

I am bad at organizing too. Earlier in the summer I finally cleaned out my entire closet because I could no longer find something when I needed it and it was driving me nuts! And now I am so happy I did :)

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Katie Frost said...

I totally thought fall when I saw this dress, its cute dressed up for summer, but it will be really cute with some boots and/or fall-ish accessories!


Katie Frost said...

I've been thinking about a closet clean-out as well. It always makes me feel so good getting rid of things that I don't LOVE. I often have a hard time letting things go, but I'm tired of having clutter in my closet. I absolutely love the dress you're wearing in this post, though. You look lovely in mustard, too. :) (<-- my new URL!)

Katie Frost said...

Dont be embarrassed! Im woefully disorganized & I too get overwhelmed when it's time to clean.

I also have been going through my closet & Ive found so many things Ive completely forgotten! The dress is so cute on you!

Katie Frost said...

CUUUUUUUUTE. And do NOT be embarrassed about hiring someone to clean and organize for you. It just makes sense! Otherwise, it's probably not even going to get done. Better to recognize your limitations and do something about them than to do NOTHING! Lastly, I love that you used the word "piddle" because that's the word my husband uses to describe what I'm (not) doing every morning.

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