Monday, November 11, 2013

Head of the Class

Friday I traded places with my students and became the student myself. I attended a teacher conference on teaching Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) classes to tenth graders. I am a total weirdo because I really do enjoy attending workshops and learning more about my craft. It reminds me of being in school again, and, by golly, I LOVED being a student.

I always look like the biggest suck-up, because I will sit right up front and have all my random accoutrements of learning about me- my notebook, my laptop, my bottle of water (gotta keep that brain hydrated), and multiple pens, in different colors, naturally- and raise my hand to ask and answer questions. Writing that sentence, I suddenly realize why no one liked me in school!

Moto Jacket- Maurice's 
Striped Dress- Old Navy (old)
Boots- Old Navy (old)
Scarf- Old Navy (old)
I started the morning in my new moto jacket that I wrote about last week, but as the day warmed up, I shed the warm jacket. I've already featured the taupe version of this striped dress, and both have become autumnal favorites for layering. I love mixing black and brown, and I love mixing stripes and florals, so this is just a dream outfit. I only wish I had been this stylish the first time I was a student!



Katie Frost said...

You sounds like the type of student every teacher dreams about having!
The older that I get the more I find myself missing school and the 'good ol days'.
LOVE this outfit it looks put together without trying too hard! Very nice bliend! :)

Katie Frost said...

I, too, love being a student. Looking at going back to college soon! Love the mix of stripes and floral...reminiscent of the 70's! You look beautiful, as always!

Katie Frost said...

You look great, Katie! I don't know if I love being a student as much as I love SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!!! :D :D :D

Katie Frost said...

I love your dress and scarf combo. It's the perfect easy pattern mix and you look beautiful!

Katie Frost said...

This is such a smart outfit! It seems like an easy recipe for mixing prints and accessorizing. I love all of the camel leather and the contrast of the black and white stripes and florals. I can do this! Thanks for the inspiratioN!

Katie Frost said...

I love this outfit, too, Katie! You're right about black/brown and stripes/florals - they just "go" together so nicely! I completely can relate about being a nerd about school, too. I'm a total Hermione. :)

Katie Frost said...

Now that I'm a teacher, I'm a horrible student. I sit in the back and talk and pass notes during professional development. LOL I was the complete opposite in school, of course, which is why it's so surprising I'm such a jerk now. PS -- I love that you always share stories with your outfit posts!

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