Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wash, Rinse. Repeat.

Thanksgiving Eve. I am sitting in front of my beautiful Christmas tree (the best we've ever had), watching season one of Breaking Bad, sipping hot chocolate, and counting my many, many blessings. By tomorrow this time, I will be in a turkey-induced coma, but today? Today, is perfect. 

Repeat offender here, but to be fair I told you I really loved these coated jeans from Old Navy. I'm also going to wear them tomorrow. And if I was crazy enough to go Black Friday shopping, I'd wear them then too. But I'm not, so I won't. Although, I do hear rumor that everything in Old Navy is going to be 50% off on Friday, so I encourage you to go buy these pants. And no, Old Navy is still not paying me! 

Coated Skinny Jeans- Old Navy (here and plus)
Tunic Sweater- Old Navy (here)
Wedge Booties- Cato's (similar here)

Crazy, right?

Jewelry- Premier Designs

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weather the Weather in Leather (and a Giveaway)

True story- growing up we didn't have a lot of money at all, so jackets and coats were mostly hand-me-downs. I never had control over the style or color or brand. One of our very first Christmases together, Curtis bought me a lovely leather jacket from Wilsons Leather in the mall where he worked. I was so delighted because it was something I had really wanted, and it was probably one of the nicest gifts I had ever received. While that jacket is long gone now, I've always had a soft spot for Wilsons, so when they contacted me about reviewing a jacket and holding a giveaway, I jumped at the chance.

Leather Jacket- c/o Wilson's Leather
Dress- Target (old, similar style here, here, here)
Shoes- Payless (old, similar style)
Cowl- Handmade Gift
Being a plus-size lady, sometimes finding fashionable and affordable jackets in my size can be a challenge, so I was firstly impressed by Wilsons Plus Size selections. They were just as stylish as the standard sizes, no weird "You can't get anything cute because you're fat" options to be found. I chose the Three-Pocket Lamb Scuba Jacket in Oxblood, but it was a tough decision! For the sake of being perfectly honest, I also totally copied this outfit idea from Alex over at To Vogue or Bust. She pulls it off WAY better than me, but I loved getting to pull out this simple summer dress and give it new life. On a cooler day I could layer it with tights and boots, but we had a pretty warm stretch last week, so my bare legs were tolerable for short periods of time.

I love that this jacket is very streamlined. Unlike my other moto jacket, this one doesn't add any extra bulk to my frame. It also gives me plenty of room in my shoulders, so I don't have to do that "Fat Guy in a Little Coat" song and dance that I hate so much! In the spirit of giving I want you to know that Wilsons is having a great sale right now. This jacket retails for over $500, but is currently on sale for $199 and you can get an extra 25% off . I'm not good at math, so I'll tell you- that means that you can get it for $150! But wait, there's more :) Wilsons is also giving one of my readers a $100 gift card to spend any way you want. Isn't that awesome!? To enter, just follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. Good luck!

Disclaimer: I did receive this jacket in exchange for reviewing it, but, as always, all my opinions are my own.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 18, 2013

What I Wear: EVERY Weekend

I can't believe I still haven't posted about these amazing coated skinny jeans from Old Navy! I've had them three weeks now, and literally they are all I've worn for the past three weekends. The fit is amazing; the color is too die for; the price is perfect- what's not to love? I really thought I was over colored skinny jeans, but this wine-color is practically a neutral. What sold me was how many cute ways I saw Audrey at Putting Me Together wear hers.

I pretty much copied this outfit from a pinned image I've had for a while. Pinterest is such a great way to get ideas for different pieces in your closet. Also, this is a completely head-to-toe Old Navy outfit. I keep saying I need to get them to sponsor me or either break up with me, but they keep reeling me back in with great sales. This tunic length sweater is PERFECT with skinny jeans. I wish it came in more colors than just blue and black because I would stock up them, even if that's a bad thing! 

Tunic- Old Navy
Jeans- Old Navy
Scarf- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy (old, similar here)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hems for Her Gift Guide: Wine Sisters

It's no secret that I LOVE the ladies over at the Wine Sisterhood. Earlier this year, I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Napa Valley and tour several state-of-the-art wineries and vineyards at the 2013 Wine Sisterhood Gathering, and when I tell you that it was truly the trip of a lifetime, I wasn't kidding! You can read about my adventures here, here, and here. When I hit up the wine aisle looking for a good bottle for entertaining or gift-giving, or (who am I kidding!) a random Wednesday night, I always pick a wine from their extensive line, which includes Middle Sister, Promisqous, Monogamy, and Purple Cowboy among others.
It's refreshing to find a company in a traditionally male-dominated field, run by women, made for women, and of such high-quality. You know sometimes companies can be really cheesy with their marketing and intentions and give you an inferior product that you are supposed to just gobble up because it's for women (I'm looking at you Bic Pens for Women!), but this is not so with Terry and the ladies at Wine Sisterhood. So when they contacted me about their new Wine Sisterhood Shop and asked me to share with my readers, well, it was an offer I couldn't refuse! This is the perfect time of year to be shopping for the wine-lover in your life (or yourself, if you are like me and can't resist buying yourself a little something each time you buy a gift for someone else.I know, I know! I'm awful!), so I am really excited to share some of my favorites from the Shop!

I love these bracelets from Yount Street Glass. They create one-of-a-kind wine accessories and jewelry in their Napa Valley studio. Their jewelry, casually fun and versatile, captures the beauty of the glass that once held another one of our favorite creations. 

This elegant wine carrier which doubles as a clutch or evening cocktail purse. Hard-sided and high quality, it safely carries one bottle of wine or champagne and includes a corkscrew in inside pocket. 

I seriously love cheese and this clever set is a cheese party in a box.  Lift up the top level of the solid wood board to reveal four colorful cheese tools including steel pointed-tipped cheese knife, stainless steel cheese fork, cheese shaver and blunt-nosed hard cheese knife.

Cork cages are seriously my go-to gift now and I actually discovered them while I was in Napa for the Wine Sisterhood Gathering. This is such a fun way to display your drinking prowess; I mean, your collection of corks!

I'm addicted to candles. Candles made out of recycled wine bottles and smells like wine? Yes, please! Set the mood with these fragrant, socially responsible offerings from Paddywax. This smart collection features upcycled wine bottles with wood tops in 3 luscious scents. Simplicity of design combines with exquisite fragrances to create the perfect guilt free indulgence.

One of our favorite Wine Sisters created the Spit Bucket collection of cheeky and cheerful wine accessories, including these Vino Stop “Peace” Bottle Stoppers. The stoppers are made of recycled rubber in snazzy colors. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Head of the Class

Friday I traded places with my students and became the student myself. I attended a teacher conference on teaching Pre-AP (Advanced Placement) classes to tenth graders. I am a total weirdo because I really do enjoy attending workshops and learning more about my craft. It reminds me of being in school again, and, by golly, I LOVED being a student.

I always look like the biggest suck-up, because I will sit right up front and have all my random accoutrements of learning about me- my notebook, my laptop, my bottle of water (gotta keep that brain hydrated), and multiple pens, in different colors, naturally- and raise my hand to ask and answer questions. Writing that sentence, I suddenly realize why no one liked me in school!

Moto Jacket- Maurice's 
Striped Dress- Old Navy (old)
Boots- Old Navy (old)
Scarf- Old Navy (old)
I started the morning in my new moto jacket that I wrote about last week, but as the day warmed up, I shed the warm jacket. I've already featured the taupe version of this striped dress, and both have become autumnal favorites for layering. I love mixing black and brown, and I love mixing stripes and florals, so this is just a dream outfit. I only wish I had been this stylish the first time I was a student!


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Currently: Houndstooth Dresses

I promised I would follow See Jane Write's  #bloglikecrazy challenge for the month of November, but, of course,I have gotten sidetracked! If you aren't familiar with See Jane Write, then you definitely need to check it out and add it to your blog reader because there's lots of good stuff always going on over there in Javacia's corner of the internet.

Today's blogging prompt is "Currently". I haven't done one of these in a while, so here's a quick update as to what's happening in my life.

Grace Elements Dress from
Cardigan from Target (old, similar here)
Booties from Cato's (old, similar here)
Reading: This is technically supposed to be "Watching", but I don't watch TV anymore, I swear! I've got people telling me all the time to watch this show or that show, but between the gym, making dinner, Sean's homework, playing Mario Party 9 (I'm fully addicted!!!), putting Sean to bed, getting everything ready for the next day, and so on and so forth, I rarely have time to watch television or follow series. However, I read voraciously, both on my Kindle app and the old-fashioned way with a real book. The last few novels I've read have been The Husband's Secret and The Hypnotist's Love Story, both written by Liane Moriarty and both amazing, and Stephen's King's newest novel Doctor Sleep, the sequel to The Shining. I seriously love to read. I am always heart-broken when students say they hate reading or haven't read a book since 5th grade because they are MISSING OUT!
Wearing:  Houndstooth is huge again this fall, but for some southerners it's just a way of life...Here in the south, we are in the full swing of college football, so school colors are of the utmost important, and I am just lucky that such a trendy pattern is synonymous with my alma mater. At school this week, we were supposed to wear our university school colors, and I was excited to debut this Grace Elements dress!
Eating:  If you follow me on Instagram, then you've already seen my Greek yogurt addiction. My husband and I can't get enough of it. I usually have yogurt for breakfast and a mid-day snack, and Chobani is definitely my favorite.
Wishing:  I could figure out a way to make a living from napping and reading and shopping online. Those seem to be the things that I am most skilled at, yet no one is knocking down my door to offer me a job as a  Napper/Reader/Shopper. What's up with that?

Loving:This time of the year. I love all things fall,and yes I know that's sounds totally cliche, but it's so true. Although truth be told, I prefer McDonald's Pumpkin Spice Latte to Starbucks.
Thankful for:  My husband. He picks up A LOT of slack from me- cooking, cleaning, raising the kid. Many women have a hands-off kinda guy who thinks that all that stuff is "woman's work", so I am so blessed  that he is willing to do so  much around the house to keep it from being a total disaster.He is fully responsible for how awesome things are on the homefront!

                          SHOP THIS STYLE

Friday, November 1, 2013

Layering Up: Moto Jacket and Maxi Dress for Fall

I decided a few months back that I wanted to get a brown moto jacket. After searching far and wide for one that fit both my size range and my price range, I finally found one at teen/young adult retailer Maurice's of all places. All in all, I am very pleased with the overall quality- it is very supple for faux leather and quite well-made. While the color isn't exactly what I wanted (I was looking more for a camel-colored one), I think I will get a lot of wear out of  during the fall and winter.

I told you that you would be seeing this dress again very soon. I am still in love with it, and pairing it with a scarf and the moto jacket gave it a completely different look. I think many women view maxi dresses as being a summertime wardrobe staple, but they layer wonderfully for cooler months. The day I wore outfit this is was actually quite chilly for my area, so I layered a pair of leggings and my knee-high boots underneath for added warmth.

Moto Jacket- Maurice's 
Maxi Dress- Old Navy
Boots- Old Navy (old, similar here)
Scarf- Express (old, similar here)

Jewelry- Premier Designs


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