Friday, January 24, 2014

What I Wore: Hiking a "Mountain"

While in Helen, Curtis and I traveled to Unicoi State Park to hike up to Anna Ruby Falls, a double waterfall in the park. I am admittedly not very athletic, but even I could handle the easy 1/2 hike up the mountain. I don't want to bore you, but I did want to share just a few pictures. I am just fascinated by waterfalls. Is it just me?

The waterfalls are actually two separate rivers converging. How cool is that?
You've seen this basic outfit formula on the blog before; it's pretty much my winter time uniform when I'm not dressed up for work. The boots may not have exactly been perfect for hiking but the easy, paved walkway handled things just fine (you know it's not real hiking when it's a paved road with benches along the way)!

I'm wearing a couple of new Premier pieces from the brand new spring line. I can't decide which is my favorite yet! If you want to check out the new catalog, you can follow this link here (the access code is KATIE).  I decided to buy myself jewelry this year as an anniversary/early Valentine's Day gift, since Curtis isn't much for jewelry shopping!


Katie Frost said...

Hi Katie! Found you from Bellyitch. Congrats on the mention! You have great style!

Katie Frost said...

KATIE. That shot of you in front of the waterfall is utterly gorgeous! I LOVE it. And you're certainly not the only one with the fascination with waterfalls! I adore them and find them beautiful and peaceful.

Katie Frost said...

I just ran across your blog on my friends page, Smooth Stones. I am originally from Rome, GA! I'm so glad you loved your visit and your pictures are beautiful! I look forward to following along. Feel free to stop by my page as well :)

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