Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Button Down Foxcroft

When I thought this look on Pinterest, I thought it was really modern and smart. Then my husband said I looked a little like Sister Mary Robert from Sister Act. And that kinda took the wind right out of my sails. Then I remembered how awesome Sister Act is and all was well again!

Does you see it?

Do you??
This Foxcroft top is great as a layering piece. It's more played down, a supporting act if you will, than in my first outfit. I like how it added a different feel to the basic shape of a shift dress, and how the belt broke up the line a little bit.  I had a couple of questions about the "no-iron" feature of the shirt. So far, so good. I mean I wouldn't wad it up in the button of my purse and expect it to come out crisp, but it's perfect coming out of the dryer. Or if you left it piled up with the rest of your clothes because you are forgetful. Or lazy.

Shirt- Foxcroft (Buy Here)
Dress- Old Navy (Buy Here)
Shoes- Forever 21, old (similar here)
Belt- Old Navy (similar here)
Jewelry- Premier Designs (Buy Here)
Or too busy watching Sister Act. Whatevs. Don't forget to enter to win the free shirt from Foxcroft! The giveaway ends tonight at midnight! Scroll down to enter. And enjoy this while you are entering the giveaway....

 You're Welcome!

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Katie Frost said...

OMG -- my boyfriend said the EXACT SAME THING to me when I wore the same outfit!!!!

Katie Frost said...

Its such a smart looking outfit! I love the shirt!

Katie Frost said...

Great outfit! I love your colorful necklace.

Katie Frost said...

I also love the colorful addition of the necklace!

Katie Frost said...

Hahaha! I LOOOOOVE Sister Act. And Sister Act 2 for that matter.

You look great! I'm pretty sure nuns aren't allowed to wear hot pink belts, so think you're good. ;)

Katie Frost said...

I guess I can kinda see it. It's a lot more modern and sleek, though. Your hair is super adorable, by the way.

Katie Frost said...

KATIE! I love this so much! I'm going to have to recreate this with the same dress!! :) I'm especially happy that you brought up Sister Mary Robert - I JUST watched Sister Act and Sister Act 2 for the first time this past month and loved them :) Also, your jewelry is spot on - I love it!

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