Monday, February 3, 2014

Currently: Crushing Papaya

It's been months since I've done a "Currently" post, and since I just did a major brain dump for Friday's post about our recent "Snowpocalypse", I thought it would be fun to play catch up!

Papaya Necklace- Premier Designs

 Thinking about:  How quickly Sean is growing up! It seems like only yesterday, I was struggle with a newborn and then an 18-month-old and then a two year old and so on. Now he's just practically a man! We were watching the Rugrats movie instead of the Super Bowl last night, and he was so upset that Chucky didn't have a mommy. He just loved and cuddled on me the whole time, and I know that thise moments are fleeting and will be gone before I know it. It makes me so sad to imagine him as a teenager or a man my age. I want him to be my sweet little boy forever! It's tough being a mom.

Feeling:  I'm a little stressed about this week at school. We missed three and 1/2 days last week, so we've got a lot of catching up to do. The kids will be crazy from being out for so many days. While I LOVED the time off and being at home with my boys, it's always a struggle to get the kids back into the "school groove" after being out. I'm going to need a Five-hour energy before this day is done!

Tunic- Target (similar here)
Skinny Jeans- Old Navy (buy here)
Boots- Westwood Footwear (buy here)

Watching:  After absolutely destroying Breaking Bad in December, I turned my attention to Dexter. I didn't have Showtime when it originally aired, so I am watching it from the beginning. I am almost finished with season five, and I absolutely love the character of Dexter! He is so awkward and even though he is a cold-blooded killer, I can't help but sympathize with him and cheer him on!

Reading:  At any given time, I am reading three or four different books. What can I say? I love to read! Right now i am working my way through a couple of different books. I am reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first novel in the series that inspired Dexter; I guess I just can't get enough of the serial killer! 

I am also reading In the Heart of the Sea. This book recounts the sinking of the Essex, a whaling ship that was hit and sunk by a huge sperm whale in 1819. The crew survived the attack, but the horrors that follow are just insane. The crew survives for months adrift in the ocean. I don't want to ruin it for you, in case you decide to read it. The Essex actually inspired Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick, which we just finished studying in class, so I love getting to add these real-life tidbits to class discussions. Oh, and, Chris Hemsworth is currently filming a movie based on this story, so read up!

 I am also reading Liane Moriarty's The Last Anniversary. I loved her newest novel, The Husband's Secret, and while this one isn't as good as that one, I still really like her writing. (BTW, these aren't affiliate links. Just linking to the novels, in case you are interested in them!)

Crush Bracelets, In Vogue watch, and Stacksational BraceletsAll from Premier Designs

Looking forward to:  A little road trip with my sister-in-law at the end of this month! Can't wait to tell you more about it as the date gets nearer.

Making me happy: My new Papaya necklace and bracelets. We are coming up on my third spring of blogging, and coral is still a huge color, and I, for one, could not be happier. I love all things coral, and just bought this dress from Eshakti because I think it will look so great with this Papaya necklace from Premier Designs. You will be seeing it around here a lot as it starts warming up, just my little Groundhog's Day prediction!

So what are you "currently" up to?!?


Katie Frost said...

Love the cheerful colors of the Papaya necklace and bracelets! It really goes well with your coloring. :) Glad to know that I am not the only person who reads 3 to 4 books at a time ... I've read some pretty good YA lit lately!

Katie Frost said...

I feel you on kids growing up too fast! My babies are 8 and 5 now. They're still pretty cuddly, but I know it won't last much longer, especially with my 8 year old son. :(
I started my own blog around the first of the year, and I'm going to be co-hosting a link-up for fashionistas who love to read:

Katie Frost said...

I re-read In the Heart of the Sea every year or so. Slightly morbid, perhaps, but it's so well written!

Katie Frost said...

I don't think it's every going to warm up here in the northern Tundra :-)

I've read all of Laine Moriarty's books --some are better than others, but I've enjoyed them all. One of my favorites is "What Alice Forgot". Lots of fun. I just finished How The Light Gets In by Louse Penny. Her books are fabulous!

Katie Frost said...

I love coral, too..the orangey pop of color is gorgeous! It makes me want spring...

Katie Frost said...

Katie, I loooove your jewelry - I, too, love coral and can't wait to wear it more often when the spring finally rolls around :) I love when you write about Sean. He sounds like the sweetest little boy and it makes me excited to be a mom some day :)

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