Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sunday's Best

So, I always thought people who dressed there animals up in real clothes were super lame, but then I got a dog, and I seriously can't help myself. It's like a compulsion! That being said I swear I didn't buy matching dresses for myself and Lulu.They were purchased months apart and just happened to match perfectly for Easter. And that's the true story! Could we be any cuter??

Y'all, look at her! She's adorable!

Lulu's dress is from the Martha Stewart line at PetSmart. As for mine, I bought it from Eshakti, several months back during their "Buy 2, Get 1" sales. I love the modest neckline (no Sunday cleavage), the wrap-around tie in the front, and the pockets- perfect for Easter egg hunts!

Dress: Eshakit- This color isn't available but many others are, and there's a big 30% off sale going on right now!

Despite the fact that I am still in the midst of a pretty intense sugar detox (more on that later this week), I did get a little "Holly Homemaker" and make these precious carrot berries from the wonderful Ginger Snaps blog. I was very impressed with myself and wanted to make sure the event was documented. Full disclosure: I did eat ONE carrot berry and it was delicious!


Katie Frost said...

Lulu is getting so big! She is DARLING! That little dress just kills me.

Katie Frost said...

I love that color! So pretty and so spring. I really like your shoes as well. Where are they from?

Katie Frost said...

My dog would chew her outfit off. I tried the dressing her up thing. No for bows too. I'm jealous Lulu lets you play dress up. You two are equally adorable.

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