Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Taking Stock: June Edition

Stolen from Sometimes Sweet

Making:Plans for a few small (and cheap) getaways during this all-too-short summer break. It's hard to coordinate schedules with Sean and my family, and someone to watch Lulu, but I need a couple of days with my toes in the sand!
 Tons of healthy food as I try to continue on my no-sugar (well, low-sugar) journey to health. More on that later this week!
 water. A veritable butt-ton of water. Sometimes I get crazy and throw a bag of tea in there or some fresh fruits and herbs (here's my favorite recipe!, but it's all water, all the way. Cutting soft drinks out of my life was hard, and I still try a sip now and then,but it was so worth it!
 I am so excited to be teaching a Creative Writing course next year at school, and I bought a ton of books for YA writers, as well as prompts for writing and Stephen King's epic and awesome memoir On Writing. I've read it twice before, but it's still so great to read. And while it has way too much cursing to use as required reading for the class, I know I will use anecdotes and his advice extensively.
 To take a nap. It's rainy here right now, and that always makes me tired!
 at Lulu humping one of Sean's stuffed animals! This is a fairly recent activity as my little lady reaches adolescence and I guess it will be curbed (maybe?!) when we get her spayed next month.
 A ton of Castle Clearout on Mario Party 9. Sean and I have a deal- we play a party round and then I get to feed my Castle Clearout addiction. It's not as bad as some people's dependency of Candy Crush, but it's bad enough that I KNOW I don't need Candy Crush on my phone.
 Lots of time. I make myself a daily to-do list so I don't just fall down the internet rabbit hole, but it's so tempting to spend all day reading blogs and finding recipes and stalking social media....
Sewing:The Seeds of Love (Ha!!! Puns!)
 Not having to get ready for work every day! I love staying in my pajamas all day. No fixing my hair. No putting on make-up. It's wonderful!
 For the premiere of Girl Meets World. I loved Boy Meets World, so I am way more excited than I really should be about this incarnation. I'm really hopeful that Sean will get into it, too! 
 If Sean's end-of-season soccer party and trophy presentation is going to get rained out today!
The Cosby Show on repeats on TVLand
 I can cheat and eat a Little Debbie cake soon. We were talking about them at lunch and now it's all I can think about!
 At how much Sean has learned this year at school. He graduated from kindergarten 2 weeks ago, and he has grown so much. He is reading like a champ, which makes me so happy! He is obsessed with Harry Potter and we just started the 4th book, The Order of the Phoenix. We usually read every night before bed.
 The motivation to take more blog photos. It's so tough this time of the year: 1. because as I've already mentioned, I don't have to pretty up for work, and 2. it's so hot and sticky- it's really tough to want to put on a lot of clothes and go outside
 Wet dog. It's raining, but Lulu's doing great with her house training, so it's outside we go, even in the pouring rain! Wish I had something more glamorous for you!
 An old black and white striped dress from Eloquii (seen here)
 My latest Zulily shipment. Am I the only person totally obsessed with their deals??!!! My most recent purchase is actually a Father's Day gift for Curtis, but I am expecting an herb grinder any day now!

Feeling: Not to "vague-blog" (I really hate when people do that), but there are several people close to me, weighing heavily on my mind. And not necessarily in a good way!


Katie Frost said...

I am secretly trying to get my kids into Girl Meets World so I can say I only watch it because of them!!

Katie Frost said...

My girlie pup Rain humped many things till we got her fixed. It will be over soon enough. I always thought that was a boy dog thing though!

Katie Frost said...

An herb grinder?! I want one! I am stoked for Girl Meets World too, Boy Meets World used to be one my favorites :)

Katie Frost said...

I so enjoyed this post! I am eating a low carb diet - so NO sugar for me either - it's so tough but it is worth it because I feel so much better when I stay on this diet plan....and I can shed a few unwanted pounds as a bonus! I hope you have fun at the beach - I can't wait until we go in August!

Katie Frost said...

I loved the format of this post, Katie! It's really fun to get some little snippets of what's been going on in your life lately. I am eager to hear more about the Creative Writing class you'll be teaching next year...and I'm 100% with you about Girl Meets World. I'm a ridiculous fan of Boy Meets World (I own the series on DVD...hahaha nerd!), so I'm pumped that some of the original cast will be reprising their characters :)

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