Monday, November 10, 2014

Walking Chambray and Scarf Throat

After feeling pretty crappy for a week or so, I finally had enough and dragged my whiny butt to the doctor last week. Two co-pays, two shots, two throat swabs, and one panel of blood work later, Sean and I were both sent on our merry ways, loaded down with prescriptions and school excuses. The diagnosis? Pneumonia and strep throat. I'm telling you, high school is petri dish. Unless, I caught this crud from Sean- in which case, elementary school is a petri dish. Oh, who am I kidding? School in general is a petri dish.

I'm on the mend, which means for me, I'm whining about everything again instead of just specifically not feeling well. I'm tired. My throat hurts. I'm really achy. Did I mention I have strep throat AND pneumonia? All very real things Curtis heard probably a million times last week. After resting at home for a couple of days (thank you doctor's excuse!), I really do feel much better, or maybe it was that steroid shot on my backside... Either way Saturday we all woke up feeling pretty spry and Sean decided we had earned a trip to the movies. Interestingly enough, I was showing off another movie theater outfit in my last post. Maybe I should just start doing a movie review/what I wore to the movie blog instead? I'd probably post with the same amount of frequency, but I might possibly have more to say that way. Worth thinking about later, when I'm not under the influence of codeine-laced cough syrup.

Cardigan- JCPenney's (old, but similar here, here, here)
Infinity Scarf Set- WalMart (in stores only, similar here and here)
Dress- Eshakti (bought last year, but similar here, here and here)
Boots- Old Navy (FOUR years old! Similar here, here, and here

I was feeling down last week, so, of course, I did a little online window shopping. I get a lot of women who ask about my rather extensive (embarrassingly so) cardigan collection, in particular my mustard cardigan, so I was super excited when I found one at Forever21+ for under $11. I shared it on my Facebook page, and now it's sold out. I mean it could be coincidence, or maybe Forever21+ needs to hire me now. Either way, I didn't link to it, because it's not there. However, they do still have a longer length mustard colored cardigan available for under $16, but if you want it, you better get it now because I can't guarantee how long it will be there!

Random head shot because new haircut and color!


Katie Frost said...

I love your whole sick experience description. I had virtego for over a week and I made even myself sick of hearing me say "I'm dizzy". I really need to put my scarf collection to use because everyone I see online is sporting them. I love your whole look here + the new hair do!


Katie Frost said...

I hope you're feeling better! I am so jealous that you can pull off yellow. Yellow makes me look like I'm sick :( But I want to wear it so much! I cannot believe your ON boots have lasted four years! It doesn't snow a lot there, does it?

Katie Frost said...

Ugh, I had pneumonia when I was a kid and distinctly remember feeling just awful! At least you're still smiling - and I really like the mustard cardi paired with the chambray dress - such a fun color combination. I do agree that school in general is a petri dish ... since becoming an elementary school teacher I average one bad case of laryngitis a year.

Katie Frost said...

Hair looks fab! And adorable outfit as usual!

Katie Frost said...

I just want to say 1) I'm really sorry to hear how sick you have been. I've had both but NEVER at the same time. You'd think one germ would kill the other off or some other science event. 2) I am very glad to see you blogging again. You always inspire me to take the time to think about my fashion (or lack of) and how I could change things up to present myself a little nicer. I have fairly low self-esteem when it comes to my outward appearance, and you always have a way of motivating me and inspiring me to get my fashion on :) Thank you.

Katie Frost said...

What a bummer that you've got strep AND pneumonia! I had strep all the time (like, 8 times in 2nd grade alone...) when I was in elementary school and it sucks. And I used to get pneumonia every winter in high school and college - until I got the pneumonia shot (which they typically only give to people ages 65+, haha). I can't imagine having both at the same time :( I really hope you start to feel better soon. Also, I'm loving this outfit on you, Katie! Your hair and skin color are perfect for mustard!

Katie Frost said...

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Katie Frost said...

Loving this look! I am envious of the haircolor...I just had mine done but wasn't what I had in mind...too bad I didn't have your pic because I could have said "this is EXACTLY what I want!"

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