What camera do you use? We bought a Canon T3 camera from Cameta over a year ago. It came with an accessory kit- tripod, three different lenses, cleaning cloths, etc., and it was very reasonably priced. 
I got a steal on a "Nifty Fifty" 50mm lens on Ebay. It is essential for those awesome blurry backgrounds (technical term in bokeh). 
Who takes your photos? Starting last summer, my husband, Curtis, takes the vast majority of my photos. He is very talented and super patient with me. I have a tripod and remote, but I don't have that "artistic" eye. On occasion, I have professional photographers/friends who will take photos for me. My first year of blogging, I pretty much begged anyone who was available to take my photos- my sister, my students, random friends.
What is your username on instagram? @hemsforher
What software do you use? Bah! I am hopeless with Photoshop and similar programs. I use Picmonkey- it's free and easy to use. If I can do it I know ANYONE can do it!

I have a question for you. How can I reach you? Here is a super simple contact form! Ask away!

How long have you been blogging? I started blogging in October 2011. Here is my pitiful first post!
I'm new to blogging, can you give me advice? COMING SOON
How did you design your blog? Is there a template I can use? HTML is scary as hell to me, so I hired a professional. Sadly, she is no longer accepting new clients. If you see a blog layout or style you really like- look at the bottom of their page and contact the designer. Sometimes blog designing is very, very cheap and sometimes it is very, very expensive- so there's something for everyone!
I want to grow my blog. How did you build a readership? COMING SOON
Do you read your followers blogs? Oh definitely... see my answer below!
What are your favorite blogs? I am OBSESSED with blogs. I read between 20 and 30 a day. Right now THESE are my current favorites :)

How tall are you? I am almost 5'6", so humor me! I am currently wearing a size 16, but that changes depending on the brand or cut (and if I'm going to the gym or not!)
How old are you? Well, as of right now, today, April 22, 2013, I am 31. My birthday is in September, and I am all Virgo.
Where do you shop for clothes? I know some women hate it, but I LOVE shopping online. No lines, no unflattering dressing rooms, no hunting down your size. The downside to online shopping is sometimes things don't fit, but most returns are free, so it's not the end of the world. My favorite places to shop are:
Old Navy- Great selection in standard and plus sizes (also maternity! Not just for pregnant women anymore!). They also have great promotions and huge sale selections. Great for basics.
Gap-I love Gap jeans. Very true to size and perfect rise for avoiding the dreaded "muffin top"
ASOS Curve- UK-based company with very trendy, high quality clothes. Some things are crazy expensive, but most are reasonably priced- wait for sales or Google promo codes.
Dorothy Perkins- Another clothing company from overseas. Free shipping to America for purchases over $75. Huge, awesome dress selection and great sales.
Simply Be- This is an exclusively plus-size website with tons of great, hard-to-find brands.
Eloquii  I love Eloquii clothing. They are the plus-size sister of The Limited and the clothing is cute, but still work appropriate. Unfortunately, The Limited decided the venture wasn't profitable enough and they are going out of business. However, the blogging world was crazy happy when Eloquii relaunched in Spring 2014! So many great pieces!
Kiyonna- Be still my heart! Kiyonna specializes in beautiful plus-size dresses, but they also sell skirts, tops, pants, and swimsuits. The quality is phenomenal and everything is made in America!
Eshakti- Customizable clothing up to size 36W. Beautiful dresses and quick shipping.
Forever 21 Plus- Perfect for cheap and trendy items

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