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Friday, December 14, 2012

Love at First Sight

I've been bragging about this Kristin Miles sweater I borrowed from Gwynnie Bee for going on two weeks now, and my love affair with it is not weakening. I have spent the majority of the fall season searching high and low for a tribal sweater. But all of my searching has been in vain. Either the sweaters were too costly or too small. It wasn't looking good.

Then I saw Gwynnie Bee's December New Arrivals on Pinterest and this sweater.It was pretty much love at first sight!This sweater is so cozy and comfy, and it's a dead ringer to a super expensive Anthropolgie sweater that sold out at over $188! This is just another thing I love about my Gwynnie Bee subscription. I had never heard of the Kristin Miles clothing line until I saw this sweater and now I am eyeing several cute pieces.

You know the drill! Now through the end of this month, all NEW Gwynnie Bee subscribers are eligible to get a free, 30-day trial subscription (up to 3 items at a time)! No risk, no commitment at all. You just have to sign up for the trial prior to December 31st. Cancel on or before your 30 days are up and you won’t be charged (You will have to send the clothes back!). New Gwynnie Bee Guests, request an invite (the site is invite-only at this time), tell them that Hems for Her referred you, activate your account, browse around and give it a try. You will receive an email with the invite and the trial instruction. Existing Gwynnie Bee guests: you are also eligible to receive the 30 day free trial. You can use your current guest account to browse, then go to the “subscribe” part of the site to activate your trial. Remember to tell them Hems for Her referred you so you can get the trial! As a reminder, this works with plans up to three pieces at a time.

If you are obsessed with blogs like I am then you are seeing Gwynnie Bee all over the place. I am so happy when I see the pictures other bloggers post and when I hear from women about how much they are enjoying it!
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